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  • UX: Josh Carpenter (IRC: jcarpenter)
  • UX: Casey Yee (IRC: cyee)
  • Gaia: David Flanagan (IRC: djf)



  • What is current status?
  • Are there any Bus.Reqs driving this in v1? Seems like something we leave for later implementation (ala: iOS 1.0)
  • Temporary interface has been implemented by David Flanagan as part of WindowManager, correct? With press-and-hold Home button to activate?
  • Are there B2G dependencies? If so, what?
  • Do we allow certain apps to have special permissions? For example: most apps "freeze" when not in foreground, but Audio apps can continue to playback?



  • Ability for users to switch between open apps.
  • Ability for users to "close" open apps.
  • Ability of system to "manage" open apps for sake of performance and battery life. For example: putting inactive "open" apps into battery-friendly "freeze" state, while still enabling them to reopen quickly, and to persevered state.