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There are several types of FxOS updates:

  • Gonk (Kernel)
  • Gecko
  • Gaia
  • Apps
    • Core
    • Pre-installed third party
    • User-installed
      • Packaged
      • Non-packaged

Development/Software Channels

  • The requirement is to offer 3 channels for delivering the B2G software stack to users. Each channel will include consistent versions of Gonk, Gecko and Gaia. The proposed channels are:
    • Nightly
    • Beta
      • Weekly stable builds that users can stay on to get the latest bugs fixes and feature enhancements.
    • Release
  • All phones manufactured should default to the Release channel.


Gonk (Kernel) Updates

Moved to: /System/Updates/Gonk

Gecko Updates

Moved to: /System/Updates/GeckoGaia

Gaia Updates

Moved to: /System/Updates/GeckoGaia


Moved to: /System/Updates/Apps