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Out of Date

This page is no longer maintained or relevant.

UX Team Structure

Team structure only-02.jpg

The FirefoxOS UX team has 4 components to the team:

  • UX Strategy: identifies design strategy themes which have a long term benefit to the product
  • UX Prototying: the entire team participates, but we have UX engineers who comprise the expertise on the team for prototyping
  • UX Frameworks: a small group which manages design patterns, including but not limited to- visual refresh, interaction patterns (including Haida updates), motion patterns, style guides
  • UX Features: maps to the functional teams and areas for the product (both Interaction or UX (IxD) and Visual Design (VxD)) and includes an internal design reviewer system to ensure design consistency and quality within the UX team.
    • Please note- for uireview? flags, please refer to the list below for the various feature area UX and VxD owners (e.g. do not use our internal UX reviewers)

For assignments to all of the 4 components above, please refer to

Below you will find ONLY the LATEST 1.4 release assignments specifically for the UX Features team. The wiki below will be kept more up to date than the attachment above.

Release Assignments for FxOS UX Features Team

Area Feature Group IxD Assignee VxD Assignee
Communications WebRTC
DSDS Morpheus Fang
Dialer Morpheus Carol
Contacts Morpheus Fang
SMS/ MMS Bryant Fang
Cost Control / Usage Juwei Amy
Media Recording Peko
Telephony- RIL Juwei Carol
Telephony- CDMA Juwei Carol
System Front End FRE *Jacqueline Patryk
No install model
Sheets Francis, *Rob Eric
Browser OS / Rocketbar *Francis Eric
Task Manager *Francis Eric
Download Manager *Francis Eric
Offline Handling *Francis Eric
Smart Data Consumption *Rob Amy Patryk
Replaceable Home / Lock Screen Jacqueline *Peter / Hung
Status bar *Francis Eric
Notifications *Rob Eric
Patterns Harly Przemek
Flexible UI / SVG Icons Harly Przemek
Utility / System Tray *Francis Eric
Datastore / Permissions Rob N/A
System Platform Bluetooth Jack Helen
Keyboard Tori Carol
Text Selection Tori Carol
Settings Tina Helen
Scaling Devices N/A See VsD App Owner
NFC Juwei Fang
Hardware Related UI Mark Patryk
Media Music Player Jacqueline *Hung
Gallery *Tiffanie Amy
Audio Recording Jacqueline *Hung
Camera *Tiffanie (1.5+) / *Rob (1.4) Amy
Video Player *Tiffanie Amy
FM Radio Jacqueline *Hung
Media Playback Controls *Jacqueline Hung
DRM *Tiffanie Hung
Visual Assets Typeface N/A *Patryk
Iconography N/A *Peter
System Sound Design N/A *Patryk (via Vendor)
Wallpapers N/A Peter
Productivity Email Juwei Peko
Calendar Harly Peko
Calculator Harly Fang
Clock Juwei Helen
Notes Juwei Peko
Ringtones *Tiffanie Peko
Fx Services WMF *Jacqueline Peko/Outsource
Performance/Responsive Tina Fang
Audio Competing Mark N/A
Partners *Jaime
BD *Jaime
Localization Amy
Data Sync Mark Peko
Smart Feature Phone Morpheus Helen
TV Tori, Jack Peko

UX Team Contact Information

Name Role Organization IRC Skype GitHub Email
Jaime Chen Director, Product & UX Mozilla jaime jaimecchen
Rob MacDonald Design Manager, Interaction Design Mozilla robmac
Francis Djabri Interaction Mozilla djabber
Jacqueline Savory Interaction Mozilla jsavory
Tiffanie Shakespeare Interaction Mozilla tif
Harly Hsu Design Manager, UX (Taipei) Mozilla harly harly21 harly21
Juwei Huang Interaction Mozilla juwei juwei.huang_mozilla
Tori Chen Interaction Mozilla tori jiansheau1357
Morpheus Chen Interaction Mozilla Morpheus chen_morpheus
Jack Lin Interaction Mozilla jacklin facebook:jay01181101
Mark Liang Interaction Mozilla mark_liang bigheadcool
Tina Hsieh Interaction Mozilla Tina_Hsieh shih-tyng
Bryant Mao Interaction Mozilla bryantmao kobe8862
Patryk Adamczyk Design Manager, Visual Design Mozilla patryk twisted_x_design patrykdesign
Przemek Abratowski Visual Mozilla przemek
Peter La Visual Mozilla peterla peterla.mozilla PeterLa
Eric Pang Visual Mozilla epang eric.pang7 epang
Hung Nguyen Visual Mozilla hnguyen
Amy Lee Visual Mozilla AmyLee
Pavel Ivanov Visual Design Eng. Mozilla ivanovpavel pivanov
Carol Huang Visual Mozilla Carol carol.h96
Fang Shih Visual Mozilla fang fangshih09 fshih
Peko Chen Visual Mozilla pekochen peko chen
Helen Huang Visual Mozilla HHuang zilunhuang