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The UX Team for Firefox OS appreciates contributions from interaction and visual designers, usability practitioners and engineers. This page contains ideas for contributions, links to helpful resources, and step-by-step instructions on how to share your contribution.

UX Areas for Contribution

This section describes important areas for improvement that would greatly improve the product right now. Please feel free to contribute in areas beyond these.

Usability Reviews of Apps

  • Summary: To find specific problems ailing a specific Firefox OS app (such as email, calendar, settings and so on) or part of the OS (such as keyboard or notifications) and recommend specific improvements.
  • A usability review (AKA heuristic analysis) is an evaluation of a user interface against established usability best practices and heuristics by a trained usability professional. Please pick an app and review it. We'll gladly file the bugs for these issues to follow up on (they'll end up in the UX Papercuts lists below).


  • Summary: There are various little things that make it difficult for a Firefox OS phone to be a daily-use phone. The little things add up to big experience. The name "papercuts" is in reference to the term "death by a thousand cuts."
  • Meta bug:
Full Query
ID Summary Status Target milestone Resolution Assigned to Blocks Whiteboard Blocking b2g
796499 [settings] apn and mms settings have both "Back" and "OK" buttons RESOLVED --- WONTFIX FirefoxOS UX Team :fxosux 908549, 949551, 1096851 [label:settings][label:needsUXinput][priority], ux-tracking ---
796519 Nit - When accessing a network on the wifi page that requires a username/password, use username, not identifier RESOLVED --- FIXED 949551 [label:settings][label:polish] ---
804499 Pressing the Enter key on the keyboard does not submit credentials form RESOLVED --- WONTFIX 949551, 1095331 UX-P3, ux-tracking, [good first bug], 2.6UXnom ---
805167 Reducing ring tone volume to vibration should vibrate shortly RESOLVED --- WONTFIX 949551 ---
806227 Replace shortened forms of "don't" and "won't" with "do not" and "will not" in descriptions in Settings app VERIFIED 2.0 S6 (18july) FIXED Manuel Casas Barrado [:mancas] 949551 [good-first-bug][mentor=gasolin] ---
816133 Brightness default value should not be automatic RESOLVED --- FIXED 949551 ---
826500 No LED indicator on missed call or SMS RESOLVED --- DUPLICATE 949551 ---
830249 Gaia apps that need memory card tell the user to just "Unplug the phone", with no mention of safe removal RESOLVED --- WONTFIX 949551 -
833152 [Browser] Support specifying character encoding of the webpage in Firefox OS RESOLVED --- WONTFIX 949551 [UCID:Browser11, FT:Browser, KOI:P2][Please see comment 26 when triaging] ---
833431 [Email] Auto capitalize the Name field on new Account signup RESOLVED --- WONTFIX 949551 ---
834462 There should be more information (e.g. build ID / version number, link to release notes) listed in the notification of a system update in Firefox OS RESOLVED FxOS-S8 (02Oct) FIXED Gabriele Svelto [:gsvelto] (PTO) 949551, 994991, 1098041, 1157213, 1180678 ux-most-wanted-nov2014, ---
835223 When update has finished uncompressing and "install update" screen pops up, notification screen still shows "Uncompressing..." RESOLVED --- WONTFIX 949551 ---
857284 When multiple alarms are available to fire for a calendar event, fire only one notification, not multiple notifications VERIFIED 2.1 S8 (7Nov) FIXED Gareth Aye [:gaye] (back from PTO) 949551 burirun1.3-2 [priority][p=8] ---
861221 when importing Gmail contacts with two-factor auth, can't get sms from notification bar RESOLVED --- WONTFIX 949551 -
865270 no way to cancel sending an email RESOLVED --- DUPLICATE 949551 ---
865394 zimbra calendar events show multiple notifications RESOLVED --- WONTFIX 949551 ---
865770 wifi not autoconnecting to known networks anymore RESOLVED --- WONTFIX 949551 ---
868549 [Music] Add right to left marquee for song title in title bar RESOLVED --- DUPLICATE Mihai Cirlanaru [:mihai][:mcirlanaru] 949551 visual design [rtl-platform] ---
901119 cellular & data -> data/message settings -> http proxy host allows spaces RESOLVED --- WONTFIX 949551 ---
903683 [Settings][User Story] 24 hour time format VERIFIED 2.1 S3 (29aug) FIXED Tim Guan-tin Chien [:timdream] (please needinfo) 908549, 949551, 1026891 [feedback][priority][ucid:SystemPlatform34, 2.1, ft:system-platform][2.1-feature-qa+] ---
907103 [SMS] Focusing on the Send button is hard RESOLVED --- WORKSFORME Anthony Ricaud (:rik) 949551, 994991 ux-most-wanted ---
918363 long-press any image in browser to set as wallpaper RESOLVED --- WONTFIX 949551 ---
922466 setting up subsequent email accounts should prepopulate the name of the initial account RESOLVED --- WONTFIX 949551 ---
932094 volume control while camera open doesn't change shutter sound (but homescreen does!) RESOLVED --- WORKSFORME Justin D'Arcangelo [:justindarc] 949551 permafail ---
940471 calendar should handle offline better when adding calendars/events RESOLVED --- WORKSFORME 949551 ---
941345 sim change not detected RESOLVED --- DUPLICATE 949551 ---
943506 [email] after account setup, shows old email RESOLVED --- WORKSFORME 949551 ---
943560 paused song no longer plays RESOLVED --- WORKSFORME 949551 ---
944203 [B2G][Settings] The string "Unplug USB cable to disable" is truncated RESOLVED --- WORKSFORME 949551 dogfood1.2 ---
945056 key depressed state lacks soul RESOLVED --- WORKSFORME 949551, 950798, 994991 ux-most-wanted ---
947563 Wifi hotspot settings prevent users pressing OK w/o any error messages RESOLVED --- FIXED Josh R 813775, 908549, 949551 [good first bug][mentor=timdream][mentor-lang=zh][lang=js] -
948051 keyboard sounds are delayed RESOLVED --- WORKSFORME 949551 [c=effect p= s= u=] ---
948170 Gmail is wrong resolution in Browser in Nexus 4 and Helix devices RESOLVED --- WONTFIX 924909, 949551 ---
948806 input box on homescreen does not respond to touch sometimes RESOLVED --- WONTFIX 949551 ---
948809 checkboxes in settings app not responding to immediate touch RESOLVED --- WORKSFORME 949551 ---
949009 weird overlap in compose area, looks not ok RESOLVED --- DUPLICATE 949551 ---
949222 need better error message when paired device is detected, but sharing is disabled RESOLVED --- DUPLICATE Ben Tian (inactive) 949551 [papercuts] ---
949554 Bluetooth sharing UI makes laptop seem to be ok to send file, but laptop's Bluetooth is disabled RESOLVED --- WONTFIX 949551 [papercuts] ---
951343 [clock] Fix onring focus issues RESOLVED --- WONTFIX 949551 [tarako] ---
952526 [Messages] New sms appear outside the viewport/ below the screen RESOLVED --- FIXED Gabriele Svelto [:gsvelto] (PTO) 929919, 949551 burirun1.3-2 1.3+
956518 button model has inconsistent interaction & visual design in Settings app screens RESOLVED --- WORKSFORME 949551 ---
956519 Ringer/Alert change screen does not show default selection RESOLVED --- WONTFIX 949551 ---
957029 change keyboard sounds in Sounds pane doesn't uncheck in Keyboard settings pane RESOLVED --- WONTFIX 949551 ---
957031 key popups are far too brief RESOLVED 2.0 S6 (18july) FIXED Tim Guan-tin Chien [:timdream] (please needinfo) 949551 [p=1] ---
957033 after adding account, had to click "go to mail" a bunch of times RESOLVED --- WORKSFORME 949551 ---
957310 cannot zoom/pan/scroll on RESOLVED --- DUPLICATE 949551, 950779 ---
958161 need a way to jump to top of message list RESOLVED --- DUPLICATE Harly Hsu[:harly] 949551 ---
960615 [email] Re-enable "Undo" UI for deletion/moves and remove modal confirmation prompt once backend support is present RESOLVED --- WONTFIX 949551 ---
961385 Autocorrect should be disabled on <input type="text" inputmode="verbatim"> RESOLVED --- INVALID 949551 ---
962439 transitions between tracks are visually abrupt, should be smoother RESOLVED --- DUPLICATE Dominic Kuo [:dkuo] 949551, 981653 -
963875 [B2G][SMS] "Service currently unavailable " message provides a user with an incorrect information RESOLVED --- FIXED ankit93040 949551 [g+][LibGLA, Dev, B] ---
963963 ~2s delay after hitting the call button RESOLVED 1.4 S5 (11apr) DUPLICATE 949551 [c=effect p= s=2014.04.11 u=] ---
967966 SIM PIN buttons are below the keyboard RESOLVED --- WONTFIX 949551 ---
973514 [Settings] select slider shows dots border in Sound panel RESOLVED --- FIXED Jonathan Watt [:jwatt] 949551, 973907, 1057917 [LibGLA, TD77343, WW, C] ---
974855 Camera app crashes when misdetecting requested picture size RESOLVED 1.4 S2 (28feb) FIXED 949551 1.4+
975697 Camera autofocus is not respected anymore RESOLVED 1.4 S2 (28feb) FIXED Wilson Page [:wilsonpage] 949551 1.4+
976351 [B2G][Keyboard] English keyboard appears as default language even if another keyboard was selected before RESOLVED --- WONTFIX 949551 [priority] ---
976497 SIM Slot manager seems to be racy regarding SIM card state on boot (Peak, Nexus S) RESOLVED --- WONTFIX 901322, 949551 [systemsfe] -
981416 [B2G] Main process crash on sending of MMS with attached picture RESOLVED --- DUPLICATE 949551 ---
981653 transitions between tracks are visually abrupt, should be smoother RESOLVED --- DUPLICATE Jim Porter (:squib) 949551 [priority] ---
983624 Device continues to vibrate after call missed RESOLVED --- DUPLICATE Etienne Segonzac (:etienne) 901322, 949551 [systemsfe] -
984148 Folder syncing failing due to DataCloneError RESOLVED --- WORKSFORME 949551 ---
984732 homescreen icons have box around them RESOLVED --- WORKSFORME 949551 ---
986631 "offline" banner during email account setup need improvement RESOLVED --- WONTFIX 949551 ---
987446 [send] button is very hard to hit RESOLVED --- DUPLICATE 949551 ---
987454 [Messages] The sent message is not painted after sending RESOLVED --- WORKSFORME 949551 ---
987823 [Task Manager] Prototype: Open the second-most-recently-used window instead of the current window. RESOLVED --- WONTFIX 949551 ---
987997 hit home button, app turns into a live wallpaper RESOLVED --- WORKSFORME 949551 ---
988002 sent sms bubble is overlarge RESOLVED --- WORKSFORME 949551 ---
988007 unable to place cursor in front of the first character on a line RESOLVED --- FIXED Kevin Grandon :kgrandon 949551 ---
988077 Music app should deduplicate artists on case RESOLVED --- DUPLICATE 949551 ---
988116 Bluetooth file transfer leaves too many notifications RESOLVED --- WONTFIX 949551 ---
988434 Surprise! Settings>Sound>Alarm is for the Clock app! RESOLVED --- WONTFIX 949551, 991026 ---
988443 Sound>Vibrate - what does it do? RESOLVED --- WONTFIX 949551 ---
988449 alarm mini-notification stuck over notification tray until restart phone RESOLVED --- WORKSFORME 949551 ---
988530 banner lifetime is too long RESOLVED 2.2 S7 (6mar) FIXED Chris Lord [:cwiiis] 949551 [systemsfe] ---
993315 [Settings] refreshed selector button need some space RESOLVED --- INVALID 949551, 1018519, 1038550 [TCP=polish][flatfish] ---
993441 Placing call kills dialer app RESOLVED --- DUPLICATE 949551 ---
995172 [E-mail] Periodic sync of subfolders RESOLVED --- WONTFIX 949551 [feature] ---
995223 [Email] Provide an account-related option to stop marking as read messages when the user reads them RESOLVED --- WONTFIX 949551 [feature] ---
1000025 [keyboard] Long word suggestions can move/shift keyboard partially off screen so it overflows RESOLVED --- FIXED 949551 dupme ---
1005804 Data connection constantly coming up and down RESOLVED --- WORKSFORME Edgar Chen [:edgar] (Parental leave until Oct. 09.) 901322, 949551 ---
1015170 [Settings] SIM manager icons are not HIDPI ready RESOLVED --- DUPLICATE 949551 ---
1032918 Unable to perform offline changes to events on Gmail calendar RESOLVED --- DUPLICATE 949551 [perf-reviewed] ---
1033208 The bottom toolbar in the browser frame could have a share button RESOLVED --- WONTFIX Evan Tseng [:evanxd] 949551 ---
1033334 [Message] We should keep the focus in composer after sending a message RESOLVED 2.2 S3 (9jan) FIXED Vishnu Teja [:ythej] 949551, 1112127, 1116978 [lang=js][sms-papercuts][p=2] ---
1033355 Credentials from lost after device reboot (B2G) or Browser restarted (Firefox for Android) RESOLVED --- WONTFIX 949551 [country-fr] [sitewait] ---
1034490 Usage app takes 30sec+ to display usage VERIFIED 2.0 S6 (18july) FIXED Albert [:albert] 949551 2.0+
1034493 Usage app shows no user feedback while loading data RESOLVED --- WONTFIX 949551, 1034490 [NaBfT] ---
1037345 [Email] Error message should indicate protocol on login failure RESOLVED --- WONTFIX 949551 ---
1046036 Can't set different auto completion language without changing keyboard layout RESOLVED --- WONTFIX 949551 ---
1054491 Sound rocker not locked when in lock screen RESOLVED --- WONTFIX 949551 [lang=js] ---
1055026 Add French Canadian keyboard RESOLVED --- FIXED Hubert Figuiere [:hub] 949551 ---
1075405 No SIM used by NetworkGeolocationProvider RESOLVED mozilla35 FIXED :gerard-majax 949551 [systemsfe] ---
1096025 Sent emails are not marked as read VERIFIED --- FIXED Andrew Sutherland [:asuth] (he/him) 949551 ---
1097504 Email app is totally broken: cannot sync, cannot switch account RESOLVED --- DUPLICATE 949551 ---
1097556 Build fails with cs-qwerty RESOLVED --- FIXED Tim Guan-tin Chien [:timdream] (please needinfo) 949551, 1096057 ---
1114476 [DT][Privacy]change Privacy Panel to a meaningful word RESOLVED 2.2 S6 (20feb) FIXED 949551, 1057675, 1115356, 1141971 ---

98 Total; 0 Open (0%); 93 Resolved (94.9%); 5 Verified (5.1%);

Additional UX Contributions

  • Wallpapers
    • Goal: We're looking for illustrative images for our backgrounds that reflect Mozilla's brand.
  • Contact form redesign
    • Goal: Propose an updated contact form based on our patterns, to fix usability issues.
  • Sounds
    • Goal: The UX team commonly get requests for new sounds. We'd love to "hear" what the community has to pitch in.
  • Content for empty states
    • Goal: To have sample content users can view/play with when they use some of the media apps for the first time. Would be nice to have sample content for Music, Video, and Galleries/Photos.
  • Ideas for Popular Services and Features
    • Goal: To identify popular services and features the community uses. We'd love to know which services and features the community use frequently and work on getting them to provide content for Firefox OS.
  • Visual Styling and Layout issues
    • Goal: To have the styling and layout consistence across the OS- if you find an inconsistency, document it! Refer to the building blocks for guidelines on solutions.


When your contribution is ready, please submit it via Bugzilla following the steps below.

  • First, create a new bug in Bugzilla. Choose New > Firefox OS.
    • You must create a Bugzilla account in order to do this.
  • Then, complete the following fields in the new bug (ignore the rest). A bug will not make it into our queue if these fields are not completed:
    • Summary: Describe your submission (for example, "Usability Review of Email App").
    • Description: Write a description of your proposal and your rationale.
    • Attachment: Attach any specs or related documentation you may have prepared, such as a ZIP file, PDF or PNG screenshots, preferably using the Keynotopia stencil we link to below (uses Keynote).
    • Product: Firefox OS
    • Component: Gaia or, if you evaluated a specific aspect of Firefox OS, like the Email app, choose "Gaia::Email".
    • Flags: Set a needinfo? flag to "".
  • Click the "Submit Bug" button.
  • The UX team reviews contribution bugs once per month and will provide feedback in the bug.

UX Template

How do I obtain a Firefox OS device for evaluation?

The [Firefox OS Flame reference device] will be released in mid April 2014, which will make devices much easier to obtain. The ZTE Open Firefox OS device is also available on eBay for purchase but is not a Firefox OS reference device.

Until the Flame ships, the fastest way to get a sense of the product is to use the Firefox OS Simulator and App Manager: