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Design Spec

For the latest UX specifications, please visit:

Use Cases

  • Loading videos onto phone. Jim wants to put a video file onto the phone:
    • He plugs the phone into this computer
    • A phone shows up as a drive on his computer
    • Jim open the drive (phone), proceeds to drag and drop video files into a folder called "videos"
    • Jim has the ability to store video (and other data content) on the phone's internal flash memory or an SD card
  • Browsing & Playing Videos. Jim wants play a video:
    • Jim launches the video app
    • All his videos are listed alphabetically
    • He clicks on a video he's interested in, it launches the player (landscape orientation since the video is formatted for landscape orientation)


Gaia v1
  • File Browser
    • Lists videos alphabetically
    • Shows video thumbnail (taken a few seconds into the video)
    • Shows video file name
    • Shows duration
    • Shows time left (if video has been stopped part way)
    • Shows artist info meta data
  • Playback
    • Rotates the player according to video aspect when captured
      • Portrait videos play in portrait mode
      • Landscape videos play in landscape mode
  • Playback Controls:
    • Play
    • Pause
    • Seek Forward (5x, or in 5min intervals depending on video performance)
    • Seek Backward (5x, or in 5min intervals depending on video performance)
    • Scrubber (video playback location)
      • Time elapsed
      • Time remaining
  • Back Button
  • Playback of video from local storage or SD card
  • Video directory needs to be available on local storage and SD card (/Videos)
  • Codecs supported:
    • Video: H.264, VP8
    • Audio: AAC, MP3, Vorbis
Gaia v2
  • Zoom toggle button
    • Scale (scale the video to fit the screen perfectly and not crop any content, black bars will likely appear horizontally or vertically)
  • Share Videos via various sources:
    • Email
    • MMS
    • Social Networks
    • 1:1 (play video at original size which may be smaller or bigger than the screen)
    • Crop (to fill the entire window, likely cropping some of the content)
  • Jog Dial on Media Player
  • Show last played keyframe on thumbnails


Source code on Github

Security Review

The security review of this app can be found here.