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Status in Gecko

This table summarizes some of the broad features related to touch input on the web, and their implementation status on different Gecko platforms:

Platform Touch Events Pointer Events (bug 960316) touch-action async pan/zoom (APZ) mobile viewport
Android yes no no (bug 1029631) Java (bug 776030) Java (bug 799585)
Firefox OS yes no no (bug 960209) Gecko APZC Gecko
Linux no mouse only (nightly) no disabled (bug 1013364) no
Mac no mouse only (nightly) no disabled (bug 1013364) no
Windows desktop disabled (bug win-touch-issues) mouse (nightly)
touch (nightly + APZ)
no (bug 1001440) disabled (bug 1013364) no
Windows metro yes yes (disabled) yes Gecko APZC Gecko

Status in other browsers

This table lists support by other browsers as of December 2014:

Browser Touch Events Pointer Events touch-action
IE desktop
IE mobile



  • W3C Touch Events (shipped by Safari, Chrome, IE Mobile, Firefox for Android, Firefox OS)
  • W3C Pointer Events (shipped by IE Desktop, IE Mobile)
    • touch-action is part of the Pointer Events spec (shipped by Chrome, IE Desktop, IE Mobile)

Other documentation:


Current work:

  • Windows, Mac, Linux: Use async pan/zoom (APZ).
    • Status: disabled, can be tested in nightly builds with pref: layers.async-pan-zoom.enabled
    • Tracking bug
  • Windows, Mac, Linux: Support Pointer Events for mouse input.
    • Tracking bug
    • Status: enabled on nightly channel. Controlled by pref:
      • dom.w3c_pointer_events.enabled
  • Windows desktop: Support Pointer Events for touch input, and touch-action CSS property.
    • Status: Works on nightly channel when APZ and Pointer Events are both enabled.
    • CSS property is controlled by pref:
      • layout.css.touch_action.enabled
  • Windows desktop: Fix and enable Touch Events.
    • Status: disabled, can be tested in nightly builds with prefs:
      • dom.w3c_touch_events.enabled

Possible future work:

  • Linux desktop: Add support for touch events, pointer events, touch-action.
  • Firefox OS: Implement and enable pointer events and/or touch-action.
  • Android: Unify Android and Gecko APZC and viewport code.
  • Android: Implement Pointer Events and/or touch-action.
  • Layout: Implement CSS Device Adaptation to rationalize mobile viewport code (bug 747754).