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The solution for quadratic equations is <math> <mi>x</mi> <mo>=</mo> <mfrac> <mrow> <mo>−</mo> <mi>b</mi> <mo>&PlusMinus;</mo> <msqrt> <msup> <mi>b</mi> <mn>2</mn> </msup> <mo>−</mo> <mn>4</mn> <mo>&InvisibleTimes;</mo> <mi>a</mi> <mo>&InvisibleTimes;</mo> <mi>c</mi> </msqrt> </mrow> <mrow> <mn>2</mn> <mo>&InvisibleTimes;</mo> <mi>a</mi> </mrow> </mfrac> </math>.

<svg height=86 width=90 viewBox='5 9 90 86' style='float: left;'> <path stroke=#F53F0C stroke-width=10 fill=#F5C60C stroke-linejoin=round d='M 10,90 L 90,90 L 50,14 Z'/> <line stroke=black stroke-width=10 stroke-linecap=round x1=50 x2=50 y1=45 y2=60 /> <circle fill=black cx=50 cy=75 r=5 /> </svg>Warning: Remember that &PlusMinus; means that there are two solutions!