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This page contains the requirements and design for a web-based tool to help people in Mozilla answer the question “Who Owns What?” In other words, questions like: who’s in charge of Layout? Who runs Persona? Who do I talk to about the Thunderbird feed reader?

Requirements for Minimum Viable Product

  • Data source: the Module Owners list, which was carefully designed to be machine-readable in its source format
  • Ability to search that data using a simple interface
  • Regular pulls of updated data
  • Returns details of module, with people responsible
  • Fast

Other Ideas

  • Incorporation of context metadata (so it knows Thunderbird and MailNews Core modules are part of Thunderbird)
  • Robustness to brokenness in the data source
  • Links people to their Mozillians profile to user can contact them
    • Or even embeds Mozillians data directly using Mozillian API
  • Fuzzy matching with stemming etc. so search does not need to be exact
  • Sub-query matching when multiple terms specified (e.g. search for "Thunderbird feed reader" returns results also for "feed reader")
  • Extensible to allow different or differently-formatted data sources in the future - not tied too deeply to format of Module Owners list (for discussion)


UI: a single search box, which would return one or more complete entries from the Module Owners list which had a textual match, with the match highlighted.