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Meeting Details

Note: The video and audio dial-in information has changed from previous meetings.


  • Introductions
  • Questions for Mozilla Spaces discussion
  • Identifying conversion points for your projects to measure conversion rates for new contributors
  • MozCamp LATAM update
  • Upcoming events (standing item)
    • Proposed "Mozilla Day" recruitment day in Minneapolis (cf: @glind). Leave-behinds, schwag, other help and ideas welcome.
    • QA Workshop in Turin (Proposed for end of May, 2012)

Action Items and Notes

  • David to share questions about Mozilla Spaces with Rob and Amie to prepare for discussion at future meeting
    • How can we have a way to promote upcoming events at Spaces so people can learn about them?
    • How can we integrate with Air Mozilla? For instance, should we create a best practice where any event at a Space is broadcast over Air Mozilla?
    • Is there a phase 2 planned for the Spaces web site and how would you like to see that expand?
    • Is there a way for Spaces users to coordinate with facilities? Example of Janet using the SF space for an event and the A/C was off.
  • Jess shared example of her experience working with a large group of volunteers on the Firefox newsletter
    • Jess isn't entirely sure how people are finding her, but this highlights the importance of being clear about your needs and getting that information out there
    • Jess to blog with some tips about how she works with large group of people on her project (importance of delegating and communicating)
    • Mary mentioned Mozilla Reps as a good model to follow for working with large group of volunteers
  • Conversion tracking
    • David walked through Conversion tracking wiki page talked about how this can be used to help more people get involved in project
    • Jess mentioned that this is a good way to identify who the superstars are working on your projects
    • Havi mentioned that the DevDerby isn't currently thought of as an entry point for contributors, but could be and having other paths to send people on when they're completed with a DevDerby or completed with another area where the path has ended (for example, attrition with people after working on SUMO forum for a while) could help keep people active
    • mrz asked about how we could create a path for Air Mozilla and we brainstormed several ways -- invite people to sign up to IT mailing list and say hi, moderate discussions on Air Mozilla, join an IRC channel during a broadcast or even just watch a broadcast. Important to have easy ways for people to do something to feel like part of the team.
    • David offered to work with people on paths for their projects and work with Metrics team to get this implemented. Will invite Metrics to present concepts at future meeting
  • MozCamp
    • Havi pointed out Kevin Dangoor's two way discussion blog post and mentioned that interaction sessions like Laura Forrest's 'How would you spread Persona' brainstorm worked really well. Better to keep focus on attendees than on a presenter and make it useful for everyone involved.