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Meeting Details


Please feel free to take notes:

  • Introductions from new people
  • Working Group lightning updates (Jennie)
  • Community builders meetups (Michelle)
    • Mid year Pathways/Education/Recognition working group meetup -- August 19-21 in MV
    • End of year meetup planning starting soon
  • Notes from community building discussions at Paris and London office (David)
    • Lots of interest in using Spaces for community building events -- Paris has had really successful bug squashing party and London is interested in the pilot happening in Paris
    • People are interested in how to get more time and support for community building -- for example, the bug squashing event was done over the weekend and people had to work all weekend for that plus all week before and after that event
    • The theme came up in both discussions about the need for us to reach out to our managers and teams and advocate for community building goals
  • --New Topic-- (Presenter)
    • Estimated length:
    • Relevant links:

Action Items and Notes