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Meeting Details


Please feel free to take notes:

  • Introductions
  • Keeping up momentum after Summit
    • Deliver workshops to staff at offices
    • Regular series of community building tips at Monday meetings
    • Create a new community or deepen an existing one as case study
    • Other ideas?
  • Systems
    • Does anything from discussions at Summit need to be reflected in our plans for next steps?
    • Q4 goals from Systems and Data Working Group
      • Find owner(s) and resources for top three community building functionality needs (David/Justin)
      • Integrate Blackhole with two new sources of data (Pierros/Jdm)
      • Resolve decision about software to use for matching services and volunteer management systems (Josh)
  • Get Involved page
    • There's an opportunity to revisit the page since it contains 15 years of Mozilla content that will be out of date early next year
    • Is this an opportunity for a Pathways Working Group?

Action Items and Notes