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Grow Tunisia is an invite-only event
If you have questions or feedback, please read these Frequently Asked Questions, then ping us in #Grow2014 on IRC. More specifics on Grow Tunisia event content and logistics coming soon.



What is the invitation criteria for the Grow Tunisia?

Our goal is to gather a group of Mozillians that represents a wide spectrum of our key contribution areas. After discussions with the attendees of a Program Design Session, we came up with the following invitation criteria.

By applying to attend Grow Tunisia, you:


  • Agree to grow the quantity and quality of our communities by recruiting 5 new active Mozillians, reactivating 10 inactive Mozillians or hosting 2 training events (on- and/or offline) before the end of the year
  • Will engage in knowledge sharing (documentation, blogging, social media, etc.)
  • Agree to participate in the entire program, including the event, the development and implementation of a project plan after the event, and follow-ups such as completing surveys, checking in regularly with their project mentors and sharing their progress


  • Know the regional community well and act as a leader, communicating organizational goals, getting the community active and excited and recruiting and mentoring new contributors
  • Have experience with community building/mentoring


  • Have expertise in a specific contribution area or areas, with strong interest and experience onboarding, teaching and/or mentoring new active contributors
  • Are an active contributor with a key role in a pathway, one who can benefit from learning how to mentor and bring in new contributors


  • Must be over 18 years old to participate in events that involve international travel
  • Must be proficient in the primary language (in this case English)
  • Must be a resident of Europe, Africa or the Middle East

If you feel you meet the above criteria, submit your Grow Tunisia Application to Attend.

I am unsure if I meet some of the above criteria. Should I apply to attend Grow Tunisia?

YES! When in doubt, apply. We have a panel of Reps and other community members who will be reviewing each application, so they can determine if applicants fit the requirements so you don’t have to.

I have special circumstances when it comes to the geographic and/or age requirements (IE. currently live in different geographic area than originally from; part of multiple communities; under 18 but a recognized core contributor). Should I apply to attend Grow Tunisia?

YES! If you have special circumstances, please note them on your application and we will review on a case-by-case basis.

If you are unsure if you should apply to this event or one of the upcoming regional events, please apply to Grow Tunisia. If you are not accepted, THEN apply to the other regional event in question.

Again, we have a panel of Reps and other community members who will be reviewing each application, so they can determine if applicants fit the requirements so you don’t have to.

When are the applications to attend due?

The deadline to apply to attend Grow Tunisia is MONDAY, AUGUST 4.

After I submit my application, what will happen? When will I find out if I've been accepted to attend?

A panel of select Reps and community members will be reviewing every application on a case-by-case basis to determine if the applicant fits the event invite criteria. The panel will also be making their selections with the goal of inviting a diverse group of contributors from different backgrounds, interests and skill sets. They will also be working to ensure there is a balanced amount of attendees from each functional and regional area.

After the panel reviews the applications, we will be sending out invitations and regrets + next steps for uninvited applicants by Monday, August 11. Invited applicants will then have one week to register for the event.

General Agenda

How was the schedule decided?

Does the agenda allow for any free time in the evenings (or do we have something planned each night)?

Content Areas

What are the General Sessions?

What are the Contribution Areas?

What are the Open Sessions?

How does a Grow Tunisia attendee host an Open Session?

Meals and Social Events

Will meals and social events be pre-planned and provided?

The short answer is yes, all meals and social events within the event dates will be planned and provided to you at no cost.

However, if you would like to shop, eat outside of the planned meals or attend any unplanned social activities with your fellow Mozillians, you will be responsible for any associated cost.

I see you have meals listed – is there someplace special I go if I have food allergies?

Each food item will be labeled with food allergy information so anyone who needs to know, will. If you have something severe and/or have indicated the need for a specially prepared meal, we will make sure you know where to pick it up each day.

NOTE: If you have ordered a special meal, we request that you pick it up and eat that meal. We’ve had it especially made just for you after all ;).

What if I want to host a social event?

We have some pretty great things planned during Grow Tunisia that we hope you’ll participate in. If however, the mood strikes and you and some friends want to do your own thing (and want to invite others to come along), we suggest you use the #GrowTunisia hashtag to rally your fellow Mozillians.

I'm bringing my spouse/kids with me, will they be able to join me during evening events (specifically meals)?

While we'd love to meet your family, we have not accounted for family members in any of our events. If you have family members with you, we will not be able to accommodate them in any of the Mozilla-paid events, including meals. They are welcome to join you during any of the ad hoc social fun and in the lounge areas.)


Will travel and accommodations be provided by Mozilla?

Yes, anyone who is approved to attend Grow Tunisia will be provided with travel arrangements, accommodations and meals at no cost to them.

However, if you are approved and plan to extend your trip or bring family members, you will be responsible for any extra associated costs.

There is currently an EBOLA outbreak in west Africa (Liberia). What steps is Mozilla taking to prepare for the unlikely possibility it spreads to other African countries before Grow Tunis?

The safety of Mozillians is our top priority. Closer to the date of the event, if there is a risk of EBOLA in Tunisia we will take appropriate action and keep you updated. You can also stay up-to-date on the latest news on the EBOLA outbreak from the World Health Organization.

Will someone be at the airport/train station to greet me?

Will Mozilla arrange for transportation from the airport/train station to the venue/hotel and back again?


Who needs a visa to travel to Tunisia?

Most people will not need a visa to travel to Tunisia. However, please check your country's visa status for Tunisia. If you require a visa, start the application process now!

Will Mozilla reimburse us for visa fees?

I need the address where I'm staying for my visa application.


Is there a way we can contact our roommate in advance?

How much is the security deposit for the hotel?

What if I don't have a credit card to put down at the hotel?

Getting There

How much money should I bring for extras, like meals?

What sort of clothing should I pack?

Did we forget something?
If you have additional questions, please ping LMN in #Grow2014 on IRC or email