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cite element spec issues

names of speakers

  • Restore <cite> element for names of speakers
    • see:
    • provide follow-ups / answers to the common arguments given against restoring cite for speakers (now reposted to WHATWG wiki as well - )
      • "The purpose of <cite> was to create a semantic-looking alias for <i> in order to cater for Chicago Manual of Style-compliant italicized titles of work." - citation: DanC in IRC Hsivonen 11:59, 4 August 2010 (UTC)
        • This also sounds like an argument from "theoretical purity" or at best "specifiers", whereas the current usage evidence shows that "authors" have seen fit to purpose cite for speakers, and thus per the priority of constituencies HTML design principle which prefers authors over specifiers over theoretical purity, we should restore cite for speakers.
      • "Since speakers aren't italicized typically, using <cite> for them doesn't really make sense. "
        • This sounds like either an argument from presentation, which seems backwards, as semantics should be determined first, and then authors can style semantics however they wish, or it's an argument from default presentation implementation, in which case once again per priority of constituencies HTML design principle, since authors are considered over implementers, we should respect author usage of cite for speakers over any particular implementer opinion of what cite should do or look like.
      • "DanC said allowing <cite> for speakers was a bug in HTML 4 that happened because he was asleep at the wheel."
        • Regardless of what DanC as a specifier may have intended, the authors have widely adopted the usage of cite for speakers, and thus since authors are considered over specifiers, we should prefer author usage over original specifier intent.
    • 2010-08-13 posted to WHATWG list:

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