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Welcome to the Mozilla wiki page on the HTML <img> element. Please feel free to contribute new test pages or new sections. -- Tantek

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img element test pages

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img element demo pages

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img element open spec issues

alt guidance needs simplification

Issue recorded on the WHATWG wiki:

Regarding Guidance for conformance checkers

The complexity of the authoring guidance for the new alt attribute in HTML is bad for authors, and for author understanding.

We should remove the last two points in this section:

  • "... document is an e-mail ..." - not a useful case
  • meta generator - causes as many problems as it solves

As well as the authoring guidance in the section(s) below:

See related

2010-08-01 posted:

img element resolved spec issues

reject longdesc

Resolved: ding dong longdesc is dead.

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