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Hackasaur.jpg Hackasaurus Project Page
Owner: Atul Varma, Jessica Klein Updated: 2014-07-10
Hackasaurus helps kids hack.

Hackasaurus has evolved!

In a blinding flash of HTML5 and a cloud of CSS, hackasaurus has evolved into WebMaker! Proving that making the web better isn't just child's play.

See you there!

Check out our web site

at http://www.hackasaurus.org/

Get involved now

  1. Attend an upcoming hack jam. Or organize a hack jam in your community. We're looking to spread to new cities beyond New York and Chicago. Get in touch through our mailing list.
  2. Start hacking with Hackasaurus tools like X-Ray Goggles.
  3. Share your own ideas, tools and resources. Through our community or on [1].
  4. Become a Hackasaurs partner. We're looking for learning centers, libraries, media centers and other partners to help design, develop and host Hackasaurus. Get in touch through our mailing list.
  5. Help develop the Hackasaurus tool set. Through our issue tracker and Github.

About this project

  • The project in 5 sentences:
    • Hackasaurus helps teens hack. Through tools that makes it easy for youth to explore, remix and redesign the web.
    • Plus local events or "hack jams" that make hacking and digital literacy easy, social and fun.
    • We're designing around the way kids learn technology, based on Mizuko Ito's concepts of hanging out, messing around and geeking out.
    • Tools in development so far include HTML Pad and X-Ray Goggles, with more on the way.
    • You can get involved by test-driving Hackasarus tools right now. Or attend an upcoming hack jam, organize your own event, help develop the Hackasaurus tool kit, or share your own ideas and tools.

How to host your own Hackasaurus event for Youth

Resources & Tools for Teaching Webmaking

Hackasaurus Events

  • Hackasaurus "Hack Jams" are one-day and weekend events that allow kids to test and help design Hackasaurus.
  • They're run through the New Youth City Learning Network in collaboration with Mozilla.
  • Hackasaurus jams are designed to be modular and self-organizing. So that any teen, parent or organization can organize their own.
  • Event curriculum and an organizing kit are under development.

Hackasaurus Tools

These tools are still evolving and have rough edges, but their basic functionality is available now. They're also actively being used at jams.

X-Ray Goggles

"X-Ray Goggles" allow anyone to easily “see through the surface” of any Web page, and obtain an intuitive understanding of how pages are composed. They can be used anywhere on the Web one hangs out, and casual use of the tool enables one to gain a rudimentary grasp of HTML, CSS, and the Document Object Model.

Similar Tools

Other comparable tools to HTML Pad

HTML composition

Tools that many kids are already using to make web sites:

Tutorials and reference materials:


These don't necessarily have anything directly to do with Hackasaurus or the Web, but we've found them helpful or inspiring in other ways.


Videos & Multimedia

<video class="video-js" width="480" height="270" poster="hackasaurus-still-from-dml.jpg" controls preload>
<source src="http://videos.mozilla.org/serv/webmademovies/hackasaurus_spotlight.ogv" type="video/ogg">
<img src="hackasaurus-still-from-dml.jpg" width="480" height="270" alt="Poster Image">
[There's an HTML video here—load this post with your open-video enabled browser.]

Project Tools

  • web site: hackasaurus.org
  • X-ray Goggles: See what the web is made of. Mess around & remix. 
  • HTML Pad (aka "Magic Ink"): A simple website that allows anyone to easily create a Web page, collaborate on it in real-time with friends, and share it with the rest of the world.