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Please add a link for any timeline you make to this page.

This will make it easier to check timelines, see what does work and what could be improved or simplified, either in that specific timeline or in the syntax. It also makes it possible to perform a quick quality check after a new version of EasyTimeline has been released. Last but not least it shows other wikipedians which timelines are available for translation and migration to other Wikipedias.

Also I would like to propose the following:

  • Put each timeline on a separate Template page: this makes it easier to edit, faster to preview, possible to include it in several pages
  • Add Category:Timeline to that page for quick indexing: this will also make it easier to check timelines after a software upgrade.


Dutch Wikipedia

Timelines are available at the following articles:

English Wikipedia

Time vertical:

Time horizontal:

Frequency horizontal:

Two spatial dimensions:

See also en:Category:Graphical Timelines

German Wikipedia

See also de:Kategorie:Zeitleiste

Swedish Wikipedia

See sv:Kategori:Grafiska tidsaxlar

Italian Wikipedia

Spanish Wikipedia

Polish Wikipedia