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User Experience and Visual Design
Concept 2011-07-01 Thomas Arend


New look and new features of our visual, cloud-based awesome screen as part of "Home"


Release Requirements

Next Steps

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This whole feature page probably has to be broken down a bit into separate features, but for the time being, it's all here.

Overview of Content types


V1 designs

Main Screen www.flickr.com/photos/61892693@N03/5710840018/in/set-72157626698507452

Specs - iPad Content cl.ly/2T2v3T201z2s1r330N1G

Specs - iPhone Content cl.ly/2m0T2O3h3I1I2O2Z1V34

Specs - iPad Layout cl.ly/470m3G3I3L1l2C1D190Y

Specs - iPhone Layout  cl.ly/3x101k2Z1W3k3H0l1C3w

Specs - iPad Search Bar www.cl.ly/2H1E3X0u3Z0L3p3w0E23

Specs - iPhone Search Bar www.cl.ly/0g0L27043a0C38371c21

Graphic Assets - cl.ly/1c1S0d3R3n3L1H3e0t2t

V2 designs

Main Screen www.flickr.com/photos/61892693@N03/5710277815/in/set-72157626698507452/

V3 Designs

Main Screen with pins and tabs www.flickr.com/photos/61892693@N03/5710277893/in/set-72157626698507452/

Main Screen with tab popover www.flickr.com/photos/61892693@N03/5710277993/in/set-72157626698507452/

Full list of UX components

layout for basic frecency-derived list/grid [v1]

    • hi-res artwork (icons [v1], thumbnails, and/or image snippets [could this be v1?])
    • access to just bookmarks, history, remote tabs
    • badging
    • inline content
    • access to webapps
    • how do snippets appear
    • things shared with the user


grid layout tweaks

misc. design tweaks

smarter algorithm for frecency list

sharing from the app

personas support

native wrapper (iOS)

    • UX of native wrapper (iOS) (splashscreen, desktop icon, badging?)
    • multiple tabs/documents in native wrapper (iOS)

account creation UX

login/logout process

settings? needed?

Old designs

Designs in progress from April 25 2011: http://www.flickr.com/photos/61892693@N03/sets/72157626452464419/with/5655046340/

Test Plans

Goals/Use Cases


Other Documentation

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  Healthy: feature is progressing as expected.
  Blocked: feature is currently blocked.
  At Risk: feature is at risk of missing its targeted release.
ETA Estimated date for completion of the current feature task. Overall ETA for the feature is the product release date.