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Home Site

A start page comes with Firefox that works both offline and possibly online with third party web start pages, and has at least the basic functions found in most of the web start pages such as Netvibes, iGoogle...etc.. The basic functions such as, sticky notes, To-Do List, calendar should remain working when the computer is offline so users can still see what they need to do when there is no connection to their computers. Also, an option for setting up password at the start page for better security.

Run Executable

Have a system() function in javascript to allow executing of executables for html pages.

Creating a user interface is HTML is really easy; along with javascript to do simple manipulations. Especially for a kiosk applications, where running executables in javascript would be very usefull. Right now where I work, we have a kiosk, that has an application with GUI done in javascript/HTML which loads firefox with R-Kiosk. It calls executables by sending an GET request to apache, which calls PHP, which calls system() in it basicly to run an executable. This has security issues; but the kiosk isn't connected to internet.

Perhaps being able to run executables via javascript from local html files would be a start. I see this then leading to firefox loading like a DLL or "so" file and calling functions in it from javascript, this will make certain things faster as a new process won't be created for the linked library. With the DLL, a person can create an app, and the user downloads the DLL. We can have firefox ask permision from user to execute and download binary code like this first.