How to not login like desktop apps

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how to not login like desktop apps
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Open issues/risks

In Google Reader, you login and that's how Google Reader links you to your rss list. In Thunderbird, Thunderbird loads your RSS list from your disk and that's how Thunderbird links you to your rss list.

If you want your site to have no login, load the user's data from the user's disk. The problem is that all browsers poor disk load support.

If I visit an embarrassing site, I have to delete the previous 1 hour. If I visited your site in the previous 1 hour, I have to delete your site's offline storage. This proves all browsers have poor disk load support.

If your site is called Slick Feeds, I must be able to delete all data except from Slick Feeds, that is, I select all sites except Slick Feeds, then hit Forget All About These Sites. This is the solution.

Currently, the solution exists as an add-on. It's called Mass Forget.

Plus, people keep complaining about Facebook. Do you want to be in control of your data? Do you want your data to be in your disk? Then, you want this feature.

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