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Mozilla INFA-Internet for All


Just a small thought to reach people in rural areas globally by educating them with internet and web resources. Our main motive is to spread internet knowledge globally to educate people who are not aware of internet and its resources.


Internet is one of the growing sector across the world which helps people to connect virtually across the globe to spread resources but there are many people who do not know much about Internet and also web resources. We Mozillians always work for the betterment of the web and now it’s time for us to become educators to reach and teach people about internet/web resources in rural areas (According to this program rural area defines the area at people who are not aware of internet or web resources) by conducting campaigns/events/Maker party etc.., and lets together bring growth in web users.

Why are we doing this?

To create awareness of web in public in rural areas.

Our Objective

    • Spreading Internet knowledge across the world.
    • Enrichment of our position in the global market.
    • Growth of the Firefox Student Ambassador program
    • Educating people using our web resources and tool-kits.
    • Promoting products of Mozilla and also make people to use them.
    • Recruiting Mozillians.
    • Building new communities in rural areas.
    • Updating people with new technologies and creating interest upon them to use our products.
    • Media Impressions.
    • Marketing.

Who can participate?

Any Mozillian/Representative/FSA who is passionate about spreading their knowledge in educating people can participate in this program. If you want to take part in this program please register yourself for this program


What are we going to teach?

    • Who are we?
    • About Mozilla Mission
    • About INFA program.
    • Introducing the platform called Internet.
    • Telling them the global impact of internet and also show them the different uses of internet.
    • Introducing about Open source.
    • Hands-on experience on all our tools.

Note: Material is yet to be prepared, If you are interested in documenting the material please register yourself.


Already have a documented material or slides? If so please share them with me at

If you had already conducted any such event please let us know about yours:

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