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Web-based Verified Email Client
Stage Complete
Status `
Release target `
Health `
Status note Scoping new work after VEP changes.


Product manager Dan Mills
Directly Responsible Individual Dan Mills
Lead engineer Rob Miller
Security lead Michael Coates
Privacy lead Sid Stamm
Localization lead `
Accessibility lead `
QA lead James Bonacci
UX lead Chris Howse
Product marketing lead `
Operations lead `
Additional members `

Open issues/risks


Stage 1: Definition

1. Feature overview

Pure HTML client of the Verified Email Service.

Related features:


  • Implement the JS API for sites to support Verified Email
  • Not to interfere when native browser support is present
  • Directly interface with the Mozilla Verified Email service for all functionality
  • Support Verified Email on current-generation browsers: Firefox 4, IE 8, Chrome 10, Safari 5, Opera

2. Users & use cases

Mark gets a tip from a friend about, a place to review and share your favorite salad bars. Mark visits the site and is eager to contribute his own reviews as well as connecting with friends to find out which salad bars they like.

Mark sees a "sign in" button on the SaladFans site, and when he clicks on it a Mozilla ID pop-up dialog comes up telling him that the site is asking for a verified email address to sign-in. Mark hasn't used Mozilla ID before, so he clicks the "register" button.

Mark now types in his email address, and chooses a password for his account. After he's done, Mozilla ID tells him that a verification message has been sent to his email, and he needs to click on a link there before proceeding. Mark checks his email and clicks on the link in the message Mozilla ID sent him. The link opens up a new pop-up replacing the previous one, which welcomes him to Mozilla ID and asks him if it's OK to disclose the email address to Mark clicks OK, the dialog closes, reloads, and Mark is now signed into!

Key Points:

  • Easy set-up from scratch
  • All HTML flow, works on a variety of browsers
  • Flow centered around verified email disclosure

3. Dependencies


4. Requirements

Item Bug Status
Core VEP client implementation (can handshake w/ server register an email, generate keys, receive a cert, generate assertion; no UI, no cert refresh) 664598 -
Relying party wrapper implementation (can handle getVerifiedEmail call and interact w/ core VEP client in a popup window; still no UI nor cert refresh) 664597 -
Identity authority wrapper implementation (can handler registerVerifiedEmail and registerVerifiedEmailCertificate calls and can interact w/ core VEP client in parent window, still no UI nor cert refresh) 669455 -
UI interaction through account creation / login / release of one email address (most UI will be generated by the server) 664594 -
Email selection UI (mostly generated by UA) and integration into VEP process 664599 -
Certificate refresh, successful only 668620 -
Certificate refresh w/ failure 668625 -
Relying party API - -
pop-up - -
Email disclosure pop-up - -
Email verification pop-up - -
Account creation pop-up - -
Account creation UX polish[1] - -
HTML client popups support multiple emails - -
HTML client allows adding a new email to an existing account - -

[1] e.g., password strength meter, pop-up auto-closes upon email verification


  • Integrating with/implementing non-Verified Email auth protocols
    • including HTTP Auth, forms-based sign-in, OpenID, OAuth, etc.
  • Support for other profile information

Stage 2: Design

5. Functional specification

API Docs


6. User experience design

Registration (i2)
Single email (i2)
Multi email (i2)

Older mockups:

Stage 3: Planning

7. Implementation plan


8. Reviews

Security review


Privacy review


Localization review




Quality Assurance review

Basic Identity items test plan

Operations review


Stage 4: Development

9. Implementation


Stage 5: Release

10. Landing criteria


Feature details

Priority P1
Rank 999
Theme / Goal `
Roadmap Mozilla Identity
Secondary roadmap `
Feature list Services
Project `
Engineering team Services

Team status notes

  status notes
Products ` `
Engineering ` `
Security sec-review-unnecessary 2-Dec-2011: notified project canceled/shelved, removing security tags and closing out feature page per discussion with Rob Miller. Project superseded by BrowserID
Privacy ` `
Localization ` `
Accessibility ` `
Quality assurance ` `
User experience ` `
Product marketing ` `
Operations ` `