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2011 Q1 All-Hands: Identity Hackfest

Join us at the 2011Q1 All-Hands ID Hackfest! We'll be meeting in R2D2 (2nd floor) on Wednesday to introduce our identity projects to newbies, and to brainstorm and hack on demos and features.

Schedule & Topics

We have R2D2 from 11AM to 5PM on Wednesday. At 4PM (the last session slot) we will have a general non-hacking session to introduce our identity plans to the wider Mozilla community--and we will have a chance to show off any cool demos we may have created during the hackfest ;-)

You may attend for any period, and you may hack on anything you like, but do check in with the hackers in the room so you don't duplicate any effort! We will have a short walk-through of our architecture & code at 11AM and 1PM for those unfamiliar with what we're doing, so plan to come around those times to get set-up and running.

If you want to hack but don't know what to do, here are some ideas we've been throwing around:

  • Implementing the 'session' part of the API
  • Implementing multi-email support and fast user switching
  • Brainstorming/prototyping integration of "API To Me" permissions into the MozID dialogs
  • Adding Mozilla ID support to Firefox Home
  • Making Mozilla ID popups work on small screens (phones)
  • Working on evangelism materials - how do we sell this thing to users? to developers?