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Last Week's Actions

  • Ben/Lloyd show ddahl JWT
  • give anurag feedback on the metrics dashboard (see brainstorm link above)

Identity Dashboard Brainstorm

  • schedule a followup with Gilbert
  • Q2 goals

Major Topics


  • Work with Skinny to clean up links & other general fixes [ST]
  • Responsive mobile layout [ST]
  • lloyd: proposing experimental watch API today
  • lloyd: awsbox broken out and now being used for deployments
  • callahad: continuing to review docs. Unconference in Minneapolis this weekend. Feedback coming to the list. Bootstrap is important. BigTent is important.
  • bwarner: proposal for safer wrapped keys based on outsourced scrypt.
  • ben: jwcrypto update, and key wrapping this week.

FF & Platform

  • Began adding keygen on a thread to the platform code. Implementation is mostly done, review ongoing see bug 665057 (ddahl)
  • Begun work on DOM bindings (khuey)
  • ACTION: ben and khuey to sync up on code location

Security & Privacy


  • l10n-preview environment box and scripts ready
    • blocked on some netops work
    • expected to be working this week
  • train push-to-prod this week
  • investigating gzip at nginx level
    • candidate for next train


  • Work continues on Train 24: Bug 740272 - QA and deploy BrowserID train-2012.03.28 to production
    • Hot Fix 1 (Stage only): covering issues #1353 and #1364
    • Hot Fix 2 (Prod and Stage): covering issue #1381
  • Summary of Responsive Design work
    • Android 2.2 phone/stock browser
      • Slow sign in, some redraw issues
    • Android 3.2 tablet/stock browser
      • Slow sign in, some redraw and layout issues, especially in portrait mode
    • iPhone with iOS 5.1 and Safari
      • Good results
    • iPad with iOS 5.1 and Safari
      • Some timing and redraw issues
    • Windows 7, 7 32-bit, and XP with IE
      • FAIL - I was not able to get past cookie errors that are not seen on Dev, Stage, or Prod
    • Mac with FF 11
      • Everything works as expected (see General below)
    • Linux with Chrome (latest)
      • Everything works as expected (see General below)
    • ICS 4.0.2 with stock browser
      • Timing, layout, and redraw issues
    • General (all platforms)
      • I was not seeing the "If you don't mind me asking..." message consistently on any platform
  • QA action items
    • Work with Pete to finish up RPM install and configuration of qa3 VM
    • Usage planning for new Test/CI environment (OPs build-out) and for Travis-CI environment
    • Test planning for upcoming projects/products: Proxy IDPs, Keywrapping,, BID/Etherpad and BID/
    • Test planning for Q2 goals and releases
  • Scheduling
    • Services QA team will be splitting time across BID and the April AITC work.

ACTION: ben to check in with Zach on automation


  • (Callahad) Ongoing doc review / revision.
  • (Callahad) Held an open space and spoke at length with ~35 developers at Minnebar 2012. Feedback to be posted to mailing list later today.
  • ACTION: everyone interested in dev engagement, talk to Laura.


  • KPI dashboard, meeting scheduled with Data Safety

ACTION: ben to ping anurag


  • started working on name and photo
  • content strategist
  • ACTION: ben and crystal to sync upon content strategist.


Talked to 8 Facebook users about privacy and computer sharing. Updates to mailing list soon!

Product Marketing

  • Meeting with PR to get on their 2012 press road map. More press = more awareness of Persona : )
  • Dev Engagement sync mentioned above.


  • sign into the browser resources needed
  • in south america next 2 weeks


  • lloyd work with ddahl on JWT
  • everyone: give anurag feedback on the metrics dashboard
  • khuey to send note re: native code location
  • dmills to schedule followup with Gilbert
  • yvan and sid: come back to weekly!
  • jbonacci to check with QA automation team on progress, report status to team
  • everyone interested in dev engagement, talk to Laura.
  • anurag: come back to meetings!
  • crystal to sync with benadida on content strategist.