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NOTE: Due to MOCO today, meeting start is at 12:45

Last Week's Actions

  • [DONE] - ST Fix myfavoritebeer not saving beers!
  • everyone/LH JP interested in dev engagement, talk to Christian
  • [MOVE TO SEP 20th] LH to blog about bug bounty
  • [ON ICE] DM to work w/ JF, CB, and KV (Karthik) on plan
  • DM to look into where broader profile fits in.
  • [ONGOING] BW & FM go over sec review and engage next review steps (
  • [ON HOLD] BA to formalize escalation plan with mmayo
  • [ONGOING] TO to catalog security review needs for Q3
  • MT to tell us about recordings of user research sessions?
  • PF to provide feedback on front page of
  • [ONGOING] ST - Going to be bothering everyone about various open bugs
  • PF : landing page needs work; redefining content for this page is in the works
  • CB: stealth numbers page analytics
  • [DONE] TO book room in SF office
  • [DONE] CB send out work week flight info for booking (arr: 5 - 8 pm window on 10/1; fri - evening)
  • [BA] to review and provide feedback for deprication plan & API commitment - and
  • TO schedule time to discuss - evolution of our data - storage moving forward

Go/No-Go on Production Deploy

  • We need +1 from jrgm, gene, lloyd at least, and ideally no -1's from anyone else. Please chime in if you have a -1 to production deploy.
    • gene is +1
      • gene still needs to test the new deployment method - should not be considered a blocker ; gene will deploy manually tomorrow if necessary
      • gene is couchbase training on wed & thurs
  • Lloyd +1 as long as jrgm doesn't have any blockers
  • jrgm sez +1 (subject to L10N in stage today)
  • Jared also needs to add his +1
  • Ben suggesting push back by 24 hours to provide gene a chance to get some rest this afternoon
    • Gene to get a change window doc together this afternoon (if he can);
  • Go, No Call by EOD;
    • Gene will contact Tauni
    • Tauni to communicate to the crew


  • new crews: QA Automation (Jared), KPI (Jed), BigTent (Austin); not new work, just more organized.
    • crew assignments to be published for the community
  • KPI: [JP] en pointe for KPiggyBank and KPI dashboard deployment post beta1
  • b2g: [JP] dinner with TEF/BV folks at Prospect SF tonight at 6.30; meeting at 5.30 - join us! :)
  • b2g: [BA, JP] meeting with TEF/BV, Moz Marketplace, and b2g teams in SF this week


  • [ST] Starting on Beta-2 issues, PR for KPI tracking API usage is issued


  • Beta staged



Security & Privacy




  • Metrics needs access to the beta version of identity data -  ::
    • did this get resolved? no, but it will be once this train rolls into prod
      • Pedro is aware and when we ship this train we will have fixed metrics in beta
      • Keeping this issue on our radar to ensure we keep traction


  • continuing to spec SkyCrane password manager experiments

Product Marketing





  • [JH] Puppet training in SF Mon-Wed next week (Sep 24-26)