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Last Week's Actions

  • [JH] Need to confirm target for landing into dev
  • [PF, DM] Bring Christopher Arnold in and clarify our plan with Partners moving forward
  • everyone/LH JP interested in dev engagement, talk to Christian
  • [MOVE TO SEP 20th] LH to blog about bug bounty - Lloyd, any update on this?
  • [ON ICE] DM to work w/ JF, CB, and KV (Karthik) on plan
  • DM to look into where broader profile fits in.
  • CB: stealth numbers page analytics


B2G Update





  • On-site working session scheduled for Nov. 5 in MV! All skycranees will be heads down.

Test Automation

  • Crew in extra innings to finish stuff up, will reassess progress Wed
  • Stabilizing for merge into dev:
  • Awesome new infrastructure:
    • Push to repo kicks of Selenium tests on Sauce.
    • handles the interface between Travis-CI and Sauce.
    • Running `PERSONA_BROWSER=all automation-tests/scripts/run-all.js` will run tests on Sauce labs against all browsers specified in automation-tests/lib/sauce-platforms.js

Dialup Performance

  • (no updates this week)

Firefox Accounts

  • [Fr] The missing server is blocking nalexander

Security & Privacy



  • train-2012.10.12 went into production 2012-11-01 (issue reported due to usage in marketplace automation)
  • jrgm to discuss with lloyd, et al, the timing for next train
  • investigating failures with kapow tests on weekend
  • jrgm - I will be generally unavailable tomorrow Tuesday (11/06)
  • [Fr] looked into verifier errors coming from Mahara sites (with Gene and John)


KPI Update from Katie:

  • brought up server but having a problem with the tests (probably db access problem)
  • read up on node and worked through a tutorial, which was helpful
  • will try and catch jedp on IRC and/or send email tomorrow


Last week

  • tuning up last details and copy for Big Tent implementation
  • a quick hack at a "Firefox Accounts powered by Persona" logo
  • content inventory and sketches of the skycrane first-run experience (PIN & password setup, welcome screen)
  • gathered analytics data on incoming searches for

This week

  • I'll be in Mt.View Monday - Wednesday
  • skycrane JAM
  • conducting stakeholder interviews

Product Marketing

Docs & Engagement

  • [Fr] helping a Mahara RP investigate some IE9 errors



  • [BA] need more details on S2 for Ozten & Sean


  • [AK] out 11/8 - 11/9
  • [ST] Full-Frontal Conference 11/9
  • [BW] Nov 9+12 conf, Nov 26th vacation
  • [DC] Nov 11th-ish: Speaking at
  • [DC] Nov 20-21: attending
  • [Fr] Nov 15: JSConf AU
  • [Fr] Nov 30th: Mozilla Auckland trip
  • [ST] Dec 3rd for mini-break
  • [Fr] Dec 4 -7: speaking at