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1. Status Updates 2. Awesome - What happened last week that was awesome? 3. Help - Where could you use help? What is blocking you?

Work Week

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General Reminders:

Key wiki pages to point folks at:

Meeting Notes

  • future of this meeting? deferred to future
  • fruux: added provisioning-with-assertion feature, UX work starting (most work is down in the contacts pages, adding as little as possible outside of there). Not sure how much UI will be done, short on gaia hackers. jedp+francois working on b2g app to capture contacts changes and convert into vcard (for exporter). Then will make sure the existing b2g exporter can round-trip its data. on-track, having fun.
  • docs: yvan+warner working on brownbag for april, persona transition blog post went live, coverage on techcrunch, HN. Brendan discussed briefly in internal moco staff meeting.
  • warner would like to see public numbers on how much persona servers are costing, might help community understand mozilla's financial commitment. gene is workworking on reducing redundancy to appropriate levels, computing a number. Nobody is worried about server costs right now.
  • QA victories: TPS (end-to-end FF nightly to sync servers test suite) is running again, fixed by automation team, finding bugs. A contributor added mozmill (automated browser tests) test to sign in and add a bookmark. So yay CI. Trains: will deploy train 4 (from last week) to prod today, waiting for QA signoff. Will probably do train 5 later this week or derail it, then train 6 next week.
  • Jared getting settings review is awesome!
  • Persona conversation is tough, but awesome that it's happening!
  • Vidyo 3 beta available! Yay! No more Flash! More info:
  • Employees: Crystal did an ergo evaluation (available in Moz Spaces). She highly recommends it. Request via ServiceNow.



  • Work week in SF now. Focus: fix race conditions, sign in / out bugs, keeping ui in sync, etc.

FxA on FxOS

  • We got a Settings Review!!
  • Jared has been all over Arthur's feedback
  • Missed no-blockers target of last Thursday
  • by, um, 6
  • Still looking pretty good for landing preffed off by Code Freeze next Monday 17th
  • Adam Rogers, just promoted, has a lot of work for FxA on device this year


Docs & Engagement


  • New automated tests! (MozMill upgrade, TPS...)
  • Last Monday's train (4) for FxA should go live today. May derail train 5 as a result.
  • We had an FxA + Sync test day on Thursday. Less participation than expected. Back to drawing board on figuring out publicity.

= PTO/OOO (kept up-to-date in the Identity calendar for everyone's reference)

  • Francois: 7 and 10 March PTO
  • Francois: 14, 17, 18, 19 March PTO
  • Shane: Mar 10 - 22 :: PTO
  • Katie: 27-28 March: PTO
  • John G: 27.5-28 Mar: PTO
  • warner: 10 - 18 Apr (PyCon Montreal+PTO)
  • chilts: 7th Apr - 2nd May PTO (in UK)
  • John G: 7th Apr :: PTO