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Improve Panorama interactions
Stage Development
Status In progress
Release target `
Health OK
Status note List of must-have and nice-to-have decided, work ongoing.


Product manager Asa Dotzler
Directly Responsible Individual Alex Limi
Lead engineer Tim Taubert
Security lead `
Privacy lead `
Localization lead `
Accessibility lead `
QA lead Virgil Dicu
UX lead Alex Limi
Product marketing lead `
Operations lead `
Additional members `

Open issues/risks


Stage 1: Definition

1. Feature overview

Panorama has a lot of small interaction problems, and some conceptual problems too. We'd like to spend some time to eliminate as many of these as we can. We'd like to bundle these up as a feature page for ease of tracking — especially since some of the issues are related, and need to land in the same release.

This feature falls primarily in the Experience category (from the "Discover, Experience, and Connect" vision statement.)

2. Users & use cases


3. Dependencies


4. Requirements




Stage 2: Design

5. Functional specification


6. User experience design

The designs are mostly smaller interaction problems and confusing conceptual models. We have filed bugs for the individual issues (see the relevant bug section below), but overall, these are the issues we're addressing:


  • You can't click a group to activate the whole group (Creating a new group and clicking in it should just create a blank new tab) (Don't show the drag cursor on groups now that entering the group is the dominant operation. Dragging could still work, of course.) (Remove New Tab button)
  • When creating a new group, autofocus the title field (also for creating groups by dragging)
  • Tabs should not be able to exist without a group
  • A "new group" control
  • An exit control
  • A text field to filter instead of the search icon


  • Multiselect is not supported in groups
  • Blank groups with no name get removed, shouldn't

Stuff we are undecided about or don't know current state of:

  • Never show me groups when I haven't asked (closing the last tab in a group, Aero Peek)
  • Minimize need for manual positioning and grouping
  • Groups from Panorama could show in List All Tabs — but we should probably just show the group names, not individual tabs. Related: bug 596017


  • FIXED: Private mode ungroups your tabs
  • FIXED: When you close the last tab in a group, you automatically get sent to another open group, is this what we want?
  • FIXED: Hitting Cmd-W when in panorama removes the selected tab, which is unexpected (it feels like a window operation at that point)
  • WONTFIX: You can't detach a group to a window
  • FIXED: Text editing doesn't support arrow keys

Stage 3: Planning

7. Implementation plan


8. Reviews

Security review


Privacy review


Localization review




Quality Assurance review


Operations review


Stage 4: Development

9. Implementation

Must-have Bugs

Bug Description Status
Bug 607108 focus group name field after creating new group Landed
Bug 630792 Add a close button and small toolbar to Tab View Design needed
Bug 654721 Remove the "orphan tab" concept from Panorama Landed
Bug 663611 display pointer cursor when hovering tab groups Landed
Bug 663612 clicking a group should zoom into the group's active tab Landed
Bug 663613 remove "new tab" button from groups Landed
Bug 663614 remove double-click to create a new tab in a group Landed
Bug 663622 notify the user that session restore was enabled Landed

Nice-to-have Bugs

Bug Description Status
Bug 583435 Control/Command Click in Tabcandy should select multiple tabs (shift-click should select a range)
Bug 663421 Don't close empty groups automatically Landed
Bug 663617 highlight tab groups when hovering them

Undecided Bugs

Bug Description Status
Bug 596017 Combine the Panorama button and the List Tabs button and list all tabs+groups in List Tabs drop-down Design needed
Bug 654295 Closing last tab of a group doesn't show Panorama Landed
Bug 649316 allow closing tabs in panorama with del and cmd+backspace Waiting for review
Bug 607383 Reduce redundant display of app tabs in panorama view Design needed
Bug 617454 faster zoom with imposter technique (particularly for slower machines)

Stage 5: Release

10. Landing criteria


Feature details

Priority P2
Rank 999
Theme / Goal `
Roadmap User Experience
Secondary roadmap `
Feature list Desktop
Project `
Engineering team Desktop front-end

Team status notes

  status notes
Products ` `
Engineering ` `
Security ` `
Privacy ` `
Localization ` `
Accessibility ` `
Quality assurance ` `
User experience ` `
Product marketing ` `
Operations ` `