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Let's keep a list of ideas for internship projects for the 2007 summer.


  • Instrumenting of Firefox with a feedback mechanism back into Breakpad. (Memory usage, longest cycle collection delay, avg number of pages open, memory consumed by images, etc..)
  • Complete the caret painting rewrite by fixing regressions.
  • Complete Vista integration
  • Investigate cache (disk, memory, image) cleanup/rewrite for embedded devices (OLPC, etc.)


  • Helping with user based testing of Security/Maintenance releases and test case development for Gecho 1.9/Firefox 3. This involves working with Marcia, Juan, Tracy, Tony, and Carsten.
  • Investigate top crashes, create report queries and scripts, and help setup new crash analysis infrastructure, breakpad. This project will be lead by Jay Patel.
  • Develop test tools to help out automation of programmatic test suites . This project will be lead by Rob Campbell
  • Develop tools to help community testers run litmus or automated tests on their own configuration. This project is lead by Chris Cooper.
  • Flesh out the structure and content for QMO, the Quality At Mozilla.Org community testing portal. This project is lead by Jay Patel.