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About the Internet Health Report

The Internet Health Report is Mozilla’s open source initiative to document and explain what’s happening to the health of the Internet.

The report’s goal is to provide a compelling, credible and broadly accessible source of information on the state of Mozilla’s priority Internet issues. The report is meant to serve both as a touchstone for those who track Internet issues and as an ‘issue platform’ that informs the work of the Mozilla community and our allies. It is meant to be a standalone publication, and a resource that can be remixed and repurposed in support of related initiatives. It highlights people's stories, analysis, research and data from the Mozilla Network, from the research and thinking of our allies and if needed, original research commissioned for the purpose of the report.

The Report is available in 4 languages: English, German, French and Spanish. If you know a community that would like to translate the Report into their language, we want to hear from you.

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Who creates the Internet Health Report?

The report lives in the Insights Team of the Mozilla Foundation under the leadership of Sam Burton. Solana Larsen is the Editor of the Report, Kasia Odrozek is the Project Coordinator, and Jairus Khan is the Outreach Coordinator. If you have any questions about the report, it is best to contact Kasia. Our extended team consist of Vojtech Sedlak (data analyst), Amira Dhalla (helps with outreach), Kristina Shu (helps us with design) and many more across MoFo and MoCo who we involve on a temporary basis.

The ambition of the Report is to be truly "open source" in order to improve the quality of the report and benefit from picking “the collective brain”. We want to encourage engagement and debate over the Internet’s health issues. Therefore we are seeking contributions from a range of people; subject matter experts, thought leaders, internal Mozilla stakeholders, feature writers, network members and the general public.

As for design and development we are working with a design agency Vizzuality, based in Madrid, Spain.

Contributors Framework

Over 200 people directly contributed to creating the 2018 Internet Health Report by writing, reviewing, researching, discussing and designing.

Many more also gave feedback on the 2017 Internet Health Report and participated in the public crowdsourcing process "How would you measure the health of the Internet?", all of which also informed the 2018 Internet Health Report.

We’re immensely grateful to everyone who helped to create this report!

Staff Team

  • Solana Larsen is the editor of this report.
  • Kasia Odrozek is the project manager.
  • Jairus Khan is the outreach coordinator.

Who is the audience for the Internet Health Report?

There are three tiers of users we are targeting with the report. The highest priority targets are people using the report as a resource - members of the Internet Health movement. These are Internet Health Allies working day-to-day on Internet Health topics, Activists who work on Internet Health issues in their spare time and Researchers, academics researching internet health topics.

In the second tier of users are influencers and journalists. We want them to share and promote the report in their networks.

Finally we have the broader ‘public’ user. We’re not targeting the whole general public, but keen internet users. They have an understanding of some internet health topics but want to learn a little more.


The 2018 Internet Health Report was released on April 10, 2018.

Learn more about how to participate here, and stay tuned for updates and opportunities to get involved in the next report!

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