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P1 Goals

Name Owner References Status Description Notes
Improve mobile support Erik [DONE] Add mobile support for at least two more important modules
Reduce the problem of outdated add-ons on AMO Alex/Irakli [DONE] Prepare repacks and plan shipping with Firefox
Complete planning for the new UX work Matteo [MISSED] Complete API designs and decide on mobile support

P2 Goals

Name Owner References Status Description Notes
Ship CFX in JS Alex [MISSED] Land the work completed to start converting CFX to JS
Documentation for all platforms Will [ON TRACK] Document which modules work on which platforms in the official docs
Parser support for harmony modules Eddy [DONE] Make the JS parser understand the module spec (will not work but this is the first step)
Implement stylesheet service changes Gabor [MISSED] Make it possible to add author styleesheets to individual documents