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The following is the list of various tangible modules of Mozilla Kerala and the people who are currently operating them


The Mozilla Kerala bugzilla at

Read the SOP for adding more people to bugzilla. (Spoiler: Bugception)

  • Owner: jsx
  • Peer: Anush, Shine

There are several components for which the default CC list includes the following:


  • Akhil
  • Kumaresan
  • Shine
  • Hafan
  • Ruwaiz

IT request

  • Shine
  • Jithin


Server access is the ssh access to the Mozilla Kerala server which controls all the subdomains too.

$ sudo cat /etc/server.sop

  • Shine

Social Media

We have our twitter account, Facebook group, page, Google+ page, community, and whatever you can imagine. You won't believe what is in this SOP page

  • Kumaresan
  • Midhun
  • Shine


The Mozilla Kerala github repository hosts most of our git projects. The members of the organization with commit access are:

  • Shine
  • Anush

You can't push? Tired of PRs? Read the SOP.

Blog has been the central identity of Mozilla Kerala for a long time. If you mind the Ps and Qs, mind the SOP too.


  • Fox


  • Shine
  • Midhun
  • Anush
  • jsx


Mailing List

The community-kerala mailing list is our main announcement list. Sub: SOP

  • Owner: jsx
  • Peers: Midhun, Anush
  • Moderator: Shine


There are two important email addresses on domain - hello & events. Here's the list of people who have access to these

  • Complete admin access: server-admins
  • bugzilla admins, server admins, social media admins, mailing list admins
  • : server admins, social media admins, social media moderators, bugzilla event group cc list