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Mozilla2School is an initiative by Mozilla Kerala to introduce young school-going students to the internet and help them to explore it and make them aware of the power of internet. The initiative also introduces these young minds to the latest technology and give practical trainings on using it.

We are planning a different methodology for this project in order to enhance its practical output. We introduce new technologies in both software and hardware programming to the students and give them the complete range of scope to choose from. We believe that this first step will enable them to choose their areas of interest and build a career around these areas of interest.

Want to know more on how we plan on getting this done? Read the Mozilla2School Syllabus.


Empower school-going students to focus on their respective areas of interest and start excelling in the field right from a young age so that they can build a better world in the future


Introduce existing and upcoming technologies in a way that young students can grasp it using the scope of the industry, various activities and games which will cater the imagination of the students and help them to seed the ideas for their future. The next generation of geeks should support free thinking, open source and openness. Our vision is to explain this to the participants with the help of striking methodologies.