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Product/Project Meeting Notes

Latest Status

  • Dialog on list around flags
  • Proposal for triage teams - still some missing
  • Starting to fill in more items under all the use cases - some progress but lots left to do
  • Further meetings/discussions scheduled for this week

Unscoped/High Priority Items

  • We did a brainstorm to surface big issues that are high priority but not fully scoped
  • We will address these each Monday until we have some clarity around solutions
  • Driver assigned to most of them
  • List of Issues
    • WebRT for Android (rags)
    • Apps/Contacts for B2G (clee)
    • Content Compatibilty (lmandel)
    • One app crashing doesn't take down other apps (smooney)
    • Combined app for Android (rags)
    • B2G security permissions model (lucas - smooney will follow up)
    • Docs/SLAs/Evangelism (smooney)
      • Kevin Dangoor (dev tools)
      • Mike Morgan (web)
      • Mark Mayo (operational)
    • QA strategy (bob)
    • Marketing side
    • Sign into websites in app mode (sign into the app) (todd)