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Getting Started

First things first - what is Kubla? Kubla is a Content Management System based on Drupal. The documentation you're reading will refer to the installation of it that is overtop of mozilla.com. Essentially Kubla is an easy interface to SVN - you can edit files, copy files to our staging servers, and copy files to our live site all from within this application. By using Kubla, you'll be able to change the content of pages on mozilla.com and have your changes show up right away.

Logging in

  • Load the Kubla CMS in your browser
  • Use your Mozilla LDAP username and password to login
    • What if it just keeps reprompting me for my username and password? Either your LDAP username and password are incorrect, or you don't have an LDAP account. Talk to IT.
    • What if it loads a page that says access denied? You have an LDAP account, but you haven't been given permission to log in. Contact an administrator to give you access.
  • After successful authentication, you will be shown a landing page. It's very plain right now.

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