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Merging Pages to Staging or Production

The instructions in this section assume you are a publisher or administrator. If you are not, these options will not be present for you.

These instructions reference the staging queue, but merging from staging->production is the same process. Please review the Three Tier Publishing Process for more details

To Approve Changes:

  • Click "View staging queue" in the left hand menu. This will display a list of all the differences between the trunk and the staging sites.
  • Choose the files and directories you wish to merge to the staging site, fill in an appropriate log message, and click "Approve changes"
  • Your changes will appear on the staging site after a few minutes.

To Reject Changes:

  • Choose the files the same way as above, fill in an appropriate message, and click "Reject Changes"
  • The last authors of those files will be emailed your message, but the file will remain in the queue. Eventually we'll probably roll the change back automatically but at this point the file remains where it is (the author can submit a new version).