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Team Goals

Please ensure that individual goals (all or part) are contributing to our 2017 OKRs for localization. Citing the OKR that your Q4 goal contributes to in your goal section is preferred.

  • Cross-channel - Axel, J, M, F, D
  • AWS Migration - Axel, J, F
  • UI for FTL in Pontoon - Matjaz, S, Ax, Ad, Z
  • Mobile at a glance - Delphine
  • Community Workshops - Jeff, P, D, F, T
  • Firefox Quantum Marketing - Peiying, F, D
  • Predictable l10n Demand - Peiying, F, T
  • [16OCT] Pudelo stage 2 - Ryan, M, Ad, Ax
  • 2018 OKR planning - Jeff, all
  • Fluent in Gecko - Zibi, Ax, S, M, Ad
  • Pontoon.next - Adrian, M, Ax, PM group

Planning spreadsheet.




  • Update mobile competitor's spreadsheet with current and latest Google/iOS data available, in order to define 2018 mobile competitive strategy
  • Add at least 9 new locales to Fennec
  • Update current RTL Firefox iOS experience: look into current bugs attached to meta bug and update current status where relevant (since this has most surely changed since the last iOS update) - and then, possibly finding people to get some bugs fixed there
  • Focus: set-up clear new l10n process with both iOS and Android teams, given new sign-off criteria


Firefox Desktop

  • Support cross-channel repository initiative through:
    • [DONE] (from Q2) Initial testing and support.
    • [DONE] (from Q2) Creating documentation for new processes.
    • [DONE] (from Q2) Adding support for cross-channel repository in Transvision.
    • [DONE] (from Q2) Starting discussion with release management about shipping updates on release and ESR channels.
  • [DONE] Try to move at least one new locale to Beta (ne-NP).
  • [DONE] Improve quality, reduce number of errors like missing variables, translated keyboard shortcuts, out of length strings, number of plural forms.

Other products, tools, support for mozilla.org and mobile

  • [Q1-2018] Identify tool to localize documentation repositories.
  • Transvision:
    • [DONE] Add Focus for Android and iOS, rationalize code around projects.
    • [DONE] Add view to check keyboard shortcuts.
  • [DONE] (ongoing) Support Test Pilot experiments and system add-ons (review, localization setup, infrastructure).


  • [in progress] (from Q2) Get string tiers implemented in tools (Pontoon).
  • [ongoing] Identify inactive locales, reach out to them, try to find new contributors, remove them from builds if that fails (long term goal for 2017/2018).


  • [DONE] Enable Fluent in Firefox
  • [DONE] Release fluent-rs 0.1.0
  • [DONE] Design a plan for Fluent in WebExtensions


  • [] Support landing Fluent in Firefox
    • This will be completed when the appropriate stakeholders have been gathered, release criteria has been defined, and Fluent is on the Firefox roadmap.
  • [] Finalize 2018 OKR doc
  • [] Identify l10n design sprints for H12017.
  • [] Create framework for defining l10n community leadership and contribution models with Open Innovation.


  • FTL: Land advanced UI for FTL in Pontoon
  • Fix Bug 1305281: search across all projects
  • Work with Adrian on documenting the 2018 roadmap and technology choices for Pontoon.NEXT
  • Create proposal of new Pontoon development process.


1. Support Fluent in cross-channel localization.

 [✓] Adapt compare-locales to support Fluent Comments, Sections and whitespace.
 [✓] Enable merging FTL files across channels.

2. Define a roadmap for Pontoon API and complete one milestone.

 [✓] Identify upcoming needs for exposing Pontoon data.
 [✓] Document the roadmap on the wiki.
 [ ] Complete one milestone on the roadmap.

3. Add a solution for localizing DOM fragments to fluent-react. CARRY-OVER from Q3

 [✓] Review the solution currently implemented in fluent-dom.
 [✓] Research current solutions in other i18n libraries for React
 [✓] Research approaches to parsing HTML in translations
 [✓] Implement
 [✓] Write tests and documentation


  • implement new source input for one-off projects
  • scope requirements for Pontoon.Next
  • design the architecture of Pontoon.Next
  • create a road-map for Pontoon.Next
  • build prototypes for key features and challenges of Pontoon.Next

Theo (optional)