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The l10n incubator is a build enviroment where we run tests for localizations and create language packs. Localizations in the incubator are in early stages and not yet mature enough to land on the stable branch.


  • Localizers should work on a recent stable version of Firefox, which are coming from the MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH these days. In terms of cvs repositories, that's /cvsroot, and files under the mozilla directory.
  • Now, for the initial work on a localization that is done in CVS, and that's the /l10n repository, with files under l10n, there are two aspects:
    • The MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH is frozen, that is, all check-ins on that branch need a patch in bugzilla and the author of the patch needs to request approval on that patch to be allowed to land.
      Just to make my job easier, I'm freezing as much on that branch as I can, so that includes localizations that we're not shipping yet.
    • You'll need some state of your translation on the trunk when we start working on the next major Release, i.e., Firefox 3.

That's why I try to make localizers work on their trunk against the MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH up to the point where the localization is good to branch. At that point, it'll pop up on the MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH and on the lxr link you sent, and we'll add it to the build automation for the regular tree.