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Sunday night meet in hotel lobby around 1900 to figure out dinner plan if you're around and interested.


zinc des cavistes, o'frenchy, chez papa, L'arbre à cannelle, l'ami Marco

Tristan recommends near the office: "Aux Lyonnais" (https://intranet.mozilla.org/Paris#Restaurants), his favorite. Otherwise his other favorite near La Tour Eiffel is le Volant Basque, typical French restaurant as well (http://levolantbasque.blogspot.com/). Tour Eiffel is a quick metro ride from office.

Monday morning meet at the office starting around 0930.

Apero Main room
Ouhlala  Breakout


arriving at hotel
By bus
meeting time
Name Date Time Airport Flight
Jeff Beatty 30 March 9:40 CDG AA 0048
Zbigniew Braniecki Mar 31 5:05 CDG BA 0316
Axel Hecht Mar 30 4:55 PM CDG AF 1535
Chris Hofmann Mar 30 6:45a
Matjaž Horvat 30 March 5:25 PM CDG AF 1187
Stas Malolepszy 30 March 6:40 PM CDG LO 335
Peiying Mo March 30 10:45 CDG UA 990
Francesco Lodolo Mar 30 11:30 AM CDG AF1213
Delphine Lebédel March 30 12:10pm CDG
Pascal Chevrel N/A N/A N/A N/A

Name Date Time Airport Flight
Jeff Beatty 4 April 7:30 CDG BA 0303
Zbigniew Braniecki 4 April 11:10 CDG BA 1535
Axel Hecht 4 April 3:30 PM CDG AF 1834
Chris Hofmann Apr 4 12:10p
Matjaž Horvat 4 April 12:55 PM CDG AF 1186
Stas Malolepszy 4 April 7:30 PM CDG LO 336
Peiying Mo Apr 6 15:20 CDG AF 1196
Francesco Lodolo Apr 6 7:50 PM CDG AF 1512
Delphine Lebédel April 11 11am CDG
Pascal Chevrel N/A N/A N/A N/A

Work week goals