L10n:Meetings/Portland2014/Definition of growth for l10n communities

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What does localization growth mean amongst the l10n program overall and within each l10n community. Identify metrics for tracking growth according to the definition and how that might apply in 2015.
Axel, Matjaž, gandalf, flod, SoumyaC

Matjaž: shall we also provide a priority list of projects for l10n teams? E.g.:

  • Firefox
    • Firefox for Desktop
    • In-product pages (incl. Tiles)
    • Firefox Accounts
    • Firefox Hello Standalone App
    • Support
  • Firefox for Android
    • Firefox for Android
    • Support
  • Firefox OS
    • Gaia
    • Firefox Marketplace (ordered list of sub-projects)
    • Support
  • ...