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For each combination of a particular locale (en-US, pl, de, etc) and product (Firefox, Thunderbird, Toolkit, (SeaMonkey is a little special for now)), Mozilla requests an owner. This has nothing to do with someone owning stuff, but is a project management role. The owner role includes the following tasks, among others:

  • default owner of bugs,
  • key spokesperson in communications between the Mozilla project and the localization, or the specific part of the localization,
  • team leadership internal to the l10n team in question, in the particular area.

As you can tell by now, Owners are much more holding responsibility than ownership. It's just that owner is a prettier noun.

Other obligations


Owners have CVS write access to the l10n repository. See Getting CVS Write Access to Mozilla for more info.

More information on how to get access to our CVS repository is part of the MDC document on how to create a new localization.

Following announcements

Mozilla assumes that all owners follow the communication in the mozilla.dev.l10n newsgroup on a regular basis. It's a good idea to follow mozilla.dev.planning, too, which holds general information on schedules etc. For more information on how to access these, see Developer Forums.

We also assume that Localization Owners watch the alias firefoxl10n@hotmail.com on Bugzilla. To do this, login into your Bugzilla account and go to Edit Preferences -> Email Preferences.

Firefox owners

Please look at Firefox2/L10n_Requirements.


Owners should have read and understood the trademarks documents. And of course follow them.

Communication within the Mozilla Project

Every L10N team needs to participate in the communication within the Mozilla project. This includes reading announcements as well as giving updates on big moves, changes, projects and situation inside the community/country to the Mozilla project management. Overall, it would be good to have Mozilla up to date with your work. It does help everybody involved, if localization teams do this in a timely manner, notifying Mozilla of changes before they happen instead. This is extremly important in any case related to trademarks use, promotion etc. Locale team should not start new mozilla related webpage or campaign, without Mozilla Foundation agreement. Depending on your region, you may want to cooperate with the Mozilla Foundation affiliate as well.

Most of the process around a localization and a localization team can be tracked well enough in bugzilla, which gives us a central point of reference. General issues, in particular those affecting a range of localization teams are probably best handled by a discussion in the newsgroup. If you just want to tell someone that you're busy with exams for a month or so, a mail to l10n@mozilla.com is a good idea.


Every locale owner can choose his peers. He/she can choose as many peers as needed, but the general vouching responsibilities apply. Peer can request a CVS account and his/her owner should be his/her voucher.