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Spanish, Spain (es-ES)

Logo of NAVE es-ES Team

Team website: Proyecto NAVE

Active team members

Name Email Role Desktop OS Tablet OS Mobile OS Hg Access? SVN Access?
Ricardo Palomares rpmdisguise-nave[AT]yahoo[DOT]es SeaMonkey/Thunderbird/Calendar Owner, Instantbird Peer Linux Mint Android 5.1 Android 6.0 YES; Level 1 L10n YES
Ángela Velo avelper[AT]mozilla-hispano[DOT]org SUMO Owner, Web content, Mobile Localization peer NO NO
Jordi Cuevas jordicuevas[AT]gmail[DOT]com Mobile Owner, Web content Localization peer ArchLinux Android 4.1 Android 4.1 NO NO
stripTM striptm[AT]gmail[DOT]com Firefox & Thunderbird In-Product Localization Peer, Firefox QA NO YES
jlG jlg[DOT]l10n[DOT]es[AT]gmail[DOT]com Firefox Focus In-Product, Mobile, Web content Peer NO NO

Localizers in training

Name Email Project assignment Desktop OS Table OS Mobile OS
(none currently)

Active projects

Mozilla Official Projects:

Mozilla Platform based projects:

L10n kit

  • Firefox (Desktop & Android) and Web translation: Pontoon
  • SeaMonkey/Thunderbird/Calendar translation: MozillaTranslator,
Translation Memory
  • For Pontoon products and projects, TM services are used
  • For SM/TB/Calendar localization, MozillaTranslator offers a basic TM feature
  • We use Transvision query to search for existing used translations
Style Guide

How to join this l10n team

  • You may start contributing to web content through Pontoon, without having to ask us permission first.
  • However, we encourage you to contact us first, and to read our glossary and guidelines (links available above).
Localizing Support.Mozilla.org (SUMO)

If you want to help localize http://support.mozilla.org/es into Spanish, please do the following:

  1. Create a SUMO account
  2. If you can, get in touch with the Group Leader(s) listed here via a Private Message. If there is nobody listed there, please get in touch with Michał / vesper.
  3. Read our universal l10n documentation here. For language-specific documentation, please get in touch with your Group Leader(s).
  4. Visit your language thread in the forums and introduce yourself to the community. We don’t bite, unless you’re made of cake.
  5. You're ready to go! If you have any questions, ask them on the forums.

Team communication

  • If you plan to contribute in a regular or semi-regular basis, please subscribe to our mailing list. It is very low traffic, so it won't disturb you.
  • There is also a Discourse forum at Mozilla Hispano for occasional topics, although we try to keep most discussions in the mailing lists.
  • We communicate also at the Mozilla Hispano and Localización MH Telegram groups, which are accessed by invitation.