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Hungarian (hu,hu-HU) team members

  • Gábor Kelemen (kelemeng) <kelemeng@ubuntu.com>
  • Kálmán Kéménczy (kkemenczy) <kkemenczy@gmail.com>
  • Kálmán Szalai (kami) <kami911@gmail.com>
  • Annabella Szép (samtelen) <szep.annabella@gmail.com>
  • Balázs Meskó (meskobalazs) <mesko.balazs@fsf.hu>
  • Balázs Úr (urbalazs) <https://urbalazs.hu>
  • Áron Sipos (siparon) <siparon@gmail.com>
  • Szmozsanszky Istvan (flaki) <flaki@mozilla.hu>

Who does what?



How to join this l10n team

You can contact and join us at multiple locations:

Tasks around Hungarian Mozilla translations

Translation tasks fall in three categories:

  1. Product and website translations on Pontoon – see the current state of the Hungarian localizaton.
  2. SUMO Localization Dashboard – information about the knowledge base articles.
  3. MDN Localization.

Generic advice

Before starting the actual translation work it is advisable to read the Fordítás HOGYAN. Learning to use the tools themselves is not a big deal, and you don't need to wait for permission from anyone to start contributing. But to make those translations count, you want to read this long documentation.

Report a bug

You can report bugs at the following sites:

Localizing support.mozilla.org (SUMO)

If you want to help localize http://support.mozilla.org/hu into Hungarian, please do the following:

  1. Sign up for SUMO with your Firefox account
  2. If you can, get in touch with the group leader listed here via a Private Message (kkemenczy).
  3. Read our universal l10n documentation here. For language-specific documentation, please get in touch with the group leader.
  4. Visit your language thread in the forums and introduce yourself to the community.
  5. You're ready to go! If you have any questions, ask them on the forums.

Hall of Fame

  • András Timár (timar@fsf.hu)