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This page is son of L10n:Teams:hy-AM and will keep track of the findings I do about the localization of Firefox in Armenian. It will also let new people to know what they have to read to get an idea on what we have traveled so far in the project.

This page at one point might have to be moved to a proper team's site. Contact Armen

The Armenian localization project will be moved most probably to MozDev.org instead of to SourceForge.

New to the Project

Please create in this site a user account, create your own user page and link yourself in the team's page (L10n:Teams:hy-AM)
Create an account in bugzilla, go to your preferences and under Email Settings, add this user armenian.hy-AM@localization.bugs to be watched and you will receive notifications about the bugs related to Armenian localization (I THINK - How does this really work?)
Keep on reading this page and join the discussion group that we will soon be creating

Software and source code used

For any of the following contact us to get them

  • Mozilla Translator hacked to use for Armenian language (Arial AMU font required) - mt504.jar file (L10n:Tools explained)
  • Put the Glossary.zip in the Mozilla Translator folder and you will see on 'Manage products' these: 'browser', 'dom', 'reporter', 'security', 'toolkit' and 'summator'
  • The source code (hy_05_07_05.zip) is in here. It's bug 298645 which the 4th row of the attachments contains the latest source code.


The Localization project is making changes and there's a lot of unfinished documents but some pages have to be read.


Important pages related to the localization:

More things - Miscellanous

News - Guidelines
  • We are going to be fixing the trunk (latest source code version) and when we will have a working version we will move it from the trunk to the branch
  • Attach patches for Vahe to review, and then either Vahe or Axel will check them in
  • ff 1.8 branch is the branch of firefox used for localization of 1.5
  • ff 1.5 branch is the old branch where 1.0.x localization has been done
  • We should set a discussion group to talk.
About the l10n team
  • Weekly status - The l10n people have created a weekly status page that shows how the whole project goes
  • Google Group - There's a general Google discussion group for Mozilla's l10n
  • IRC channel - L10n has an IRC channel #l10n in which you can see people like Axel and others.

Bugs to be followed

To enter a bug, follow this link, in which I have followed these steps to reach that page: You Create a bug, you select Other Products, then Mozilla Localizations and the component is hy-AM/Armenian. After this point I don't know more.

Old bugs
  • 2005-05-28 Registration bug - This bug says that Vahe is the owner of the module hy-AM
  • 2005-06-23 CVS access: YES - Vahe gets CVS access and the latest source code is there (hy_05_07_05.zip)
  • 2005-05-05 Registration bug - OSArmenia attempt to register the localization of hy-AM

To find out

  • Which tools to use (Eclipse, MozTranslator, ??, ...)
  • What is tinderbox
  • Understand the source structure