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Walon / Walloon (wa)

Browser/toolkit owner
- Srtxg - No CVS access yet

To know more

We are starting a team to translate Mozilla Firefox into Walloon (ISO code: wa), spoken in Wallonia, south of Belgium. We are currently doing some tests, and translated some add-ons and build a (yet unofficial) spell checker

There is a mailing list for Walloon translations at http://walon.org/mailman/listinfo/linux-wa


We plan to ask for CVS access, in order to become an official localization in the near future.

The translation is based on the French one, that is, still untranslated strings (and particularly the help) are in French (as that is the preferred default language), and are replaced little by little with Walloon translations.

Currently all main menus are translated, as well as various dialogs. the preferences tabs are still untranslated.

It has been tested on Linux and Windows, trough an XPI module created and installed by testers, no problems have been reported so far.



L10n:Simple locale names: is that official now? Should we use "wa" or "wa-BE"?