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Chinese Traditional, Taiwan (zh-TW)

Community Mascot, Foxmosa

MozTW, Mozilla Taiwan Community (Mozilla 台灣社群)

Team members

Name Email Role Desktop OS Tablet OS Mobile OS Hg Access? SVN Access?
Peter Pin-Guang Chen (petercpg) petercpg@mail.moztw.org L10n Owner Windows & Linux Android Android & iOS Bug 561995 Bug 568835
Chiung-Hui Fang GDHFang@mail.moztw.org Products (*-central) Mac Android
Bob Chao bobchao@mail.moztw.org Peer, former Liaison Mac OS X, Linux iOS Firefox OS No No
Irvin Chen irvin@mail.moztw.org Community Liaison No No
Ernest Chiang (ernestchiang; dwchiang) dwchiang@mail.moztw.org SUMO localization No No

Localizers in training

Name Email Project assignment Desktop OS Tablet OS Mobile OS

Active projects

Cient Softwares
  • Firefox
  • Firefox for Android
  • Firefox for iOS
  • Focus for Android
  • Focus for iOS
  • Thunderbird
  • SeaMonkey
  • Lightning

Dashboard: Mozilla L10n Team Page

Web Projects
  • AMO
  • App Store Descriptions
  • Firefox Accounts
  • MDN
  • Mozillians.org
  • Persona
  • SUMO
  • and others...

Full List: Pontoon Dashboard: Web Dashboard or zh-TW folders in each GitHub repo

L10n kit

Use Pontoon to localize web projects and snippets
Style Guide and Rules: [1]

How to join?

  • Subscribe moztw-general mailing list.
  • Say Hi! and give a self-introduction in moztw-general, let us know who you are and what project(s) are you interested in.
  • We'll show you how to start contributing and give you privileges (if needed).
  • Happy localizing! Don't miss our on-line and/or off-line events.
  • Watch and discuss in mailing list, where call for l10n and new project announcements will be posted.

Additonal info

Team website:https://moztw.org/
Telegram Channel:[2]
Mailing list: moztw-general@googlegroups.com
Report a bug for zh-TW component on Bugzilla