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Trademark Requirements

These are the extra things that have to be done for a localization before it can be called Mozilla Thunderbird.

Start Page

If you localize the URLs in start.dtd for the mail start page, they must all have the form:


Note: the lack of the .html from the en-US versions in the filename portion of the URL.

If you change startpage.helpURL, it must have the form: http://www.mozilla-world.org/ab-CD/products/thunderbird/support

These URLs will be set up as redirects to your localized content if you have content you want to use here. File a bug under the Mozilla Localizations / Others to set up the redirect and cc l10n@mozilla.com.

If you change startpage.pageURL, it must go to the products site of a Mozilla affiliate.

Region URLs

If you localize the URLs in region.properties, please make sure of the following:


There's no need to change the URLS in navigator.properties or intl.properties. The wallet http urls in these two files are not used.