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  • create index resource files that load proper resource files per locale
  • store source entities that were used to localize the entities in order to enable tools to recognize outdated localization.


if(@locale="en-US") {

if(@locale="en-GB') {

In this case, we keep a list of imports that depend on the locale being used.

for 3way merge
<phone "Telefon">
<address "Adres">

if (@locale="en-GB"): {
  <phone "Phone">
  <address "Address">

In this case we store entities that have been used as a base for translation. This allows us to compare the source entity from en-US locale with the source entity from translated locale and identify entities that were translated against old version of the string.


We decided to reuse if with @import for this goal.

if (@locale="fr") {
  <entity "value">


if (@locale="fr") {

For the latter purpose we're leaning toward storing some sort of .orig file that contains source entities for the 3way-merge.

  • gandalf - accepted
  • stas - accepted
  • pike - ?