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Active Projects

Description Leader Goal ETA Status
Defined Error Recovery  ?? Specify what gets parsed if there are type-written errors and then determine how August 15 Nothing started
Multi-locale source format  ?? Specify the multi-locale source format August 15 Nothing started
Type annotations  ?? The l20n file format should also allow something to declare exactly what is happening with a particular use case. August 15 Nothing started
L10n Brief  ?? An l10n brief might explain the general context and usage of entities of a file. Again, this is helpful for developers to explain their work, localizers to see context and usage, and tool authors to build more context into their tools. August 15 Nothing started
Internal vs External Properties  ?? L20n will differentiate between internal and external properties. This will removes any problem with name conflicts between the two use cases. Also, this should be useful for localizers who use either plain text editors or tools to have a distinction between the two types. August 15 Nothing started
Placeables  ?? The l20n file format needs to provide a markup to place strings. August 15 Nothing started
Type Definition  ?? The l20n file format needs a define the types used within an entity and how they are recognized, and how they are used by localizers. August 15 Nothing started




These are the bugs of interest:

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