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Labs Sites

Labs Projects

  • Prism - Prism (formerly, Webrunner) is a prototype application that lets users split web applications out of their browser and run them directly on their desktop. Get involved and discuss the project in the Prism Forum. You can also follow along the path towards turning Prism into a Firefox feature.
  • Joey - Joey is a server, Firefox add-on, and java midlet that allow you to pass data from your Firefox browser to cell phone. Discuss the project in the Joey Forum.
  • Operator - Operator is a Firefox add-on that lets you combine pieces of information on Web sites with applications through the use of Microformats. Discuss the project in the Operator Forums
  • The Coop - The Coop is an emerging Firefox add-on that will let users keep track of what their friends are doing online, and share new and interesting content with one or more of those friends. Discuss the project in the The Coop Forum.
  • Innovation Contests - A program and framework for coordinating and running contests to increase participation and foster innovation in Web experience.
  • Weave - The Weave project.
  • Ent - The Ent project.
  • JS Modules - A set of handy JavaScript modules for use in add-ons.
  • Ubiquity - Linguistic Command Line Exploration
  • Bespin - File editor in the cloud
  • Chocolate Factory - Concept Series Tool / Collaborative Open Innovation

The Idea Center

We have hundreds of people submitting thoughts and ideas about Firefox and other Web technology development all the time, but there is no central or specific place where these should go so they show up in newsgroups, mailing lists, irc, personal email, mozillazine forums, in the wikis, etc. There is incredible value in that collective intelligence, wisdom, and energy, and figuring out how to focus and harness that has the potential to drive the future of the Web. This is what the Idea Center is for.

At the moment, the Idea Center is one of the Labs Forums. If you have ideas or would like to explore and play with other people's ideas, please join us.

Partner Sections

In order to retain the confidentiality of partners who may be considering participation with Mozilla Labs, there are two areas here. The first is publicly accessible to all Mozilla community members. You can submit ideas and candidate partner names of who you think Mozilla should be working with. The other section is private for Mozilla Corp-Partner discussions.

Project Management

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