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Proposed Functionality for 0.1:

The following list is a high-level functionality overview with limited details about the proposed functionality. The purpose of this document is to determine the 0.1 high-level functionality requirements.

The list is ordered by page type. "[->]" marks a reference to a different page type.


  • Browse / explore concepts [->]
    • Browse by date submitted, last activity, rating, highest activity, most viewed, status (idea/mockup/prototype) [->]
    • Select by tag cloud
    • Search
  • Showcase selected concepts (selection mechanism TBD)
  • Explanation of Concept Series/Chocolate Factory
  • Submit Concept [->]
  • User Management [->]
    • Login (if that required)
  • Links: About, FAQ, etc.

Submit Concept Page

  • Add new concept
    • Status (idea/mockup/concept)
    • Title (short)
    • Overview (short - 256 chars)
    • In case of concept being hosted on Chocolate Factory:
    • Description
    • Images/Videos/Links (optional)
    • In case of concept being hosted externaly (e.g. personal blog):
    • Link
    • Checkbox: Ping me when someone comments on this concept (via email/twitter)

Browse Concept Page - Single View

  • Single-page view of selected concept
  • Add new comment
    • Type (suggestion/question/comment)
    • Text
  • Edit comment (user needs to be logged in)
  • Vote on concept ('star' a concept)
  • Tag a concept
  • Add to concept (e.g. add mockup to existing idea)
    • based on the current status
      • idea: Add a mockup, Add a prototype, Add a different idea (fork)
      • mockup: Add a prototype, Add a different mockup (fork)
      • prototype: Add a different prototype (fork), ....
    • Status (idea/mockup/concept)
    • Title (short / pre-filled)
    • Overview (short - 256 chars / pre-filled)
    • In case of concept being hosted on Chocolate Factory:
      • Description (pre-filled)
    • Images/Videos/Links (optional)
    • In case of concept being hosted externaly (e.g. personal blog):
    • Link

Suggestion: I think we should allow pictures in the comments. Hence, people can give visual feedback to the concept, such as, a suggested changes/improvements in term of layout or position of certain UI elements.

Browse Concept Page - List View

  • List views can be filtered by status (idea/mockup/prototype)
  • List items are linked to Browse Concept Page - Single View [->]

Note: it is important to give a clean overview (snapshot) of each concept. Flickr does it very well for pictures.

User Management

  • Create Account
    • Username
    • Email
    • Twitter Account (for notifications)
    • Website
    • Password
    • Accept licensing terms (CC-BY license)
  • Login/Logout
  • Forgot password
  • Change password/username/email
  • Show my concepts
  • Show concepts I commented on

Additional Functionality (Proposals)

  • Can people collaborate if they feel like doing so...let us say I see a concept and it triggers an idea...How do I add to it...should I collaborate or may be add to it...would be nice if something great comes out that way !
  • Possible sharing (Twitter, e-mail, etc.) of concepts after voting. (After voting to control this getting abused - you have to earn the right to share, as it were). <-- Just curious: How could sharing be abused?

Beyond 0.1:

  • richer user profiles
    • affiliated organization
    • title/function
    • education
    • ...
  • rating concept based on different scales. possible factors could be:
    • technical feasibility
    • novelty
    • visual appeal
    • impact
  • Rating
    • If we have some kind of rating scale like 1 star to 5 stars. I would like to see a summary similar to It shows the percentage break down of each scale.